Revolutionising sales efficiency: Garage Living's CRM and CPQ migration

Introduction to Garage Living

Garage Living, a leading provider of garage renovations in North America, has been transforming garages since 2005. They pride themselves on using top-notch products, including polyaspartic floor coatings and heavy gauge steel cabinetry, all made in North America.


Challenges in Garage Living's existing system

Garage Living faced several challenges in its CRM setup before migrating to HubSpot and the CPQ tool of choice, DealHub.


These challenges included:


  • Limited Automation and Integration: The existing Method CRM, inventory management system (SkuVault), and QuickBooks Online (QBO) had poor integration, resulting in manual efforts, data discrepancies, and inefficiencies.

  • Complex pricing models: Variations in pricing based on franchises, shipping locations, and inventory made accurate calculations difficult.

  • Franchise-specific pricing and product selection: Each franchise required its own pricing models and specific parent-child product bundling, which the existing system couldn't handle efficiently.

  • Tax calculation at address level: Need for precise tax calculations per address, down to the zip code level.

  • Dynamic terms and conditions: Sales teams struggled to incorporate dynamic terms, warranty information, images, and product details into quotes.

See Ryan Spalding, Director of Marketing at Garage Living, speaking about challenges and pain points in this video.

Solution: Migration to HubSpot

To overcome these challenges and fulfil Garage Living's requirements, Huble implemented a range of tailored solutions using HubSpot:


  • Automation between CRM and accounting systems: Huble created automatic deposit transactions within HubSpot and integrated them with QuickBooks Online, which enabled the automation of deposit transactions, purchase orders, and final invoices, eliminating the need for manual entries and reducing errors.

  • Middleware solution for inventory management: Huble developed a middleware solution that read webhooks from QuickBooks Online, updating the deal status when inventory was received and ready for installation. This bridged the gap between inventory management and CRM.

  • Franchise-specific pricing and product selection: CPQ tool, integrated with HubSpot, allowed for the creation of specific rulesets to manage franchise-specific pricing and parent-child product selection. Franchise information was automatically set in HubSpot during the marketing phase, enabling the CPQ tool to generate accurate pricing based on predefined rules.

  • Custom API for tax calculation: Huble built a custom API to retrieve sales and use tax information from a third-party app within HubSpot. The custom API applied tax amounts to pricing for sales and cost of goods sold (COGS) based on specific rulesets at the product and address levels simultaneously.

  • Dynamic Terms and Conditions: The playbook functionality within the CPQ tool facilitated the selection of appended documents based on the product selection. Sales users were guided to select the necessary documents, which were then included in the generated quotes.

See Jeffrey DeAnna, North America Solutions Architect Team Lead at Huble, speaking about challenges and solutions in this video.

The Results

With our research in hand, we mapped the ideal critical user journey for the home page. To ensure a seamless user experience and easy navigability, we recreated the website menu to better help visitors find the information they needed. 


  • Easy quote creation: The implementation of the CPQ tool's playbooks simplified complex pricing structures, allowing sales teams to generate quotes quickly and accurately without needing extensive product knowledge or manual lookups, resulting in faster response times and higher customer satisfaction.

  • Streamlined procurement and billing: The integration of HubSpot, Dealhub, SkuVault and QuickBooks Online automated procurement and invoicing. Automated deposit transactions and seamless integration with QuickBooks Online eliminated the manual creation of purchase orders, deposit transactions and final invoices. This efficient workflow reduced the number of user clicks and also minimised errors.

  • Improved sales efficiency: By reducing manual tasks and implementing automated workflows, Garage Living experienced a significant boost in sales efficiency. Seamless integration between systems allowed for easy access to product information, dynamic pricing, and customised quoting. Sales representatives could focus more on engaging with customers and closing deals rather than spending time on administrative tasks.

  • Highly customised and branded documents: The CPQ tool's playbooks allowed sales reps to create customised and branded documents, including dynamic terms and conditions, warranty information, images and product details. This increased professionalism and personalisation, leaving a positive impression on customers and helping to close deals more effectively.

Reduction in manual effort: Automation significantly reduced manual effort for Garage Living's sales representatives. Integration of HubSpot, Dealhub, SkuVault, and QuickBooks Online eliminated the need for manual data entry, synchronisation, and reconciliation across platforms. This not only saved time but also reduced the risk of errors, leading to more reliable and accurate operations.

The Impact

The implementation of HubSpot and the CPQ solution brought about substantial improvements for Garage Living, transforming their sales processes and overall operations:


  • Increased productivity: Streamlined quoting processes and automated workflows allowed sales representatives to handle more tasks in less time, directly increasing overall productivity.

  • Reduced manual effort: Automation across multiple systems drastically reduced the need for manual data entry and updates, freeing up valuable time for sales representatives to focus on customer interactions and strategic activities.

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction: The ability to generate accurate, customised, and professional quotes quickly improved the customer experience, leading to higher satisfaction and better customer relationships.

  • Improved document customization: Highly customised and branded documents enhanced the professionalism and personalization of interactions with customers, which positively impacted Garage Living’s brand image and customer trust.

  • Comprehensive contract management: Full support for contract lifecycle management ensured that all stages of the sales process were managed efficiently and accurately, from initial quote creation to deal completion. This reduced errors and ensured that all contractual obligations were met promptly.

Ryan Spalding
Ryan Spalding
Director of Digital Marketing, Garage Living

"The results have been outstanding, with streamlined sales processes, increased efficiency, and highly customised deals. Huble's customised solutions have truly transformed our operations and positively impacted our sales and overall company growth."