Achieving growth and success: Yoga Room's grand opening campaign

Discover how Huble's dynamic digital strategy led to 4295% ROAS and 1576 qualified leads for Yoga Room Plasky

Yoga Room is a yoga centre based in Brussels.

With its origins five years ago, the franchise now encompasses 5 centres across Belgium and France, providing urban residents access to its benefits.

The challenge

Our main objective during the campaign was to create an effective acquisition strategy for the grand opening of "Yoga Room Plasky," our client's brand new studio

With the goal of attracting a significant number of customers to experience and embrace the studio's unique yoga offerings, we aimed to leverage our resources and expertise to drive a successful launch.

The solution

To address the challenge of launching "Yoga Room Plasky" successfully, we devised a comprehensive and dynamic solution that encompassed various key elements:

  • Reactive workshop organisation: In order to validate the potential personas of the future centre, we organised and conducted reactive workshops. 
  • Dynamic digital strategy: Our digital strategy was a carefully crafted mix of lead generation, Facebook and Instagram click-to-website campaigns, lead nurture emails, and automated emails. 
  • Content strategy and assets creation: A compelling content strategy was at the core of our approach. We created engaging and informative content that resonated with the target audience, establishing the brand's authority in the yoga industry and fostering meaningful connections.
  • Landing page design, development, and optimisation: We designed and developed an optimised landing page that served as the digital gateway for potential customers. Through continuous optimisation, we ensured a seamless user experience that encouraged visitors to take action and convert into leads.
  • Complete reporting and detailed analysis: Our commitment to data-driven decision-making led us to conduct complete reporting and detailed analysis.

The results




leads generated

107665 €


Despite the constraint of a limited media budget, our team reached the client’s objective 30 days before the deadline. Over a period of 2 weeks, we collected more than 1500 qualified leads.

Email campaigns had an opening rate of 42% for a click rate of 26%.

By testing more than 20 different visuals, 3 channels with a strong content strategy, we were able to define a methodology for the opening of new Yoga centres.

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