HubSpot and Aircall Integration Services

In the digital age, businesses need robust telecom platforms that integrate seamlessly with CRM systems to optimise communication channels, streamline data management, and enhance CRM.

While HubSpot offers a formidable CRM platform, Aircall bridges the communication gap with its cloud-based phone system. The integration between the two platforms offers an efficient communication and CRM solution, centralising all interactions and streamlining workflows.
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Why Integrate Aircall into HubSpot?

Unified Communication and CRM Solution

Integrating HubSpot with Aircall consolidates call data directly into the CRM system. This ensures every communication touchpoint with customers, including call recordings and notes, is captured in HubSpot.

Automated Workflows with Aircall Tags

The integration allows businesses to harness Aircall tags, automatically applying them to calls based on criteria such as call duration or outcome. This offers context, aids segmentation, and assists in effective analysis of call data.

Boost Team Efficiency

The integration automates workflows, helping teams easily access pertinent call information within HubSpot, effectively utilise Aircall tags, and enhance their lead nurturing processes. With a central view of customer interactions and automatic data synchronisation, teams can make data-driven decisions swiftly.

Challenges Addressed by HubSpot and Aircall Integration

Incorporating HubSpot with Aircall addresses challenges such as manual data entry and decentralised communication data. It empowers businesses to synchronise call data with the CRM automatically. 
This integration optimises sales and support processes, making businesses agile in identifying trends, streamlining communication, and leveraging the data within the CRM for superior customer experiences.
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HubSpot + Aircall Workflows Examples

Enhanced CRM

Elevate your customer interactions and streamline your business processes with the powerful integration of HubSpot and Aircall. With these automations, your team can provide more efficient, personalised, and effective communication.
Task Automation
Use call outcomes to automatically set tasks for reconnection, streamlining follow-up processes and ensuring timely engagement. This automation saves time and increases the efficiency of sales and support teams by removing manual task creation.
Instant Notifications
Alert key account managers about specific client interactions, allowing for immediate and personalised follow-up on important matters. These real-time notifications ensure that critical opportunities and issues are addressed promptly, enhancing client relationships.
Ticket Creation
Tags can set certain properties for tickets, aiding issue resolution by categorising and prioritising issues based on their nature and urgency. This structured approach to ticket management accelerates the support process and improves customer satisfaction by ensuring issues are resolved efficiently.
Alternate Communication
Based on call outcomes, initiate alternative communication methods like emails or WhatsApp messages, offering flexibility and personalisation in client interactions. This ensures that communication preferences are respected and that messages are delivered through the most effective channels.
Automated Surveys
Utilise tags or call outcomes to dispatch customer satisfaction surveys or NPS, gathering valuable feedback without manual intervention. This feedback is crucial for measuring satisfaction, identifying areas for improvement, and enhancing overall customer experience through informed decisions.

Aircall + Sinch Media

The integration between Aircall and Sinch is set to enhance communication capabilities for HubSpot customers.


With HubSpot, Aircall and Sinch Message Media, any mobile number registered with Aircall can also be used by Sinch for sending messages, streamlining communication and offering a seamless experience across calling and messaging platforms.


This development promises to bring exciting possibilities for customer engagement and support in which Huble can support. 

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