Using Intent Data in HubSpot to Drive Growth

Buyers from your target accounts are browsing your website and researching your products every day. We help companies get that actionable data within their HubSpot CRM to act upon. 

See which accounts are heating up and sales ready

Intent data offers insights into a web user's purchasing intentions by tracking key search terms through cookies, allowing businesses to identify prospects in an active buying journey. This data, gathered from various digital sources, enables timely and informed campaign responses to engage prospects considering your products or solutions.


Having this data is one thing, having it as actionable data within your HubSpot instance is another, that’s where Huble comes in. 

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Audience Mapping

Leverage Intent Data inside HubSpot to create detailed audience maps that align with your marketing and sales strategies. By analysing patterns in intent data, you can segment your audience based on their interests and behaviours, ensuring that your messaging reaches the most receptive prospects.


This strategic approach not only enhances personalisation but also increases the efficiency of your campaigns by targeting users whose online activities suggest a genuine interest in your offerings.

Audience Mapping

Enrich Every Single Contact Record

With Intent Data, we can help you enrich every contact record in your CRM with deep insights into each prospect's online behaviour and preferences. This enrichment process adds layers of valuable data, such as the prospect's search terms and content engagement, providing a fuller picture of their needs and interests.


Armed with this information, your team can tailor interactions and nurture strategies to meet prospects exactly where they are in their buying journey.

Enrich Every Single Contact Record

Score & Route Instantly

Implement real-time scoring and routing of leads based on Intent Data to streamline your sales process. By assigning scores based on intent signals, you can instantly identify high-priority prospects and route them to the appropriate sales teams.


This immediate response ensures that your team can engage with potential buyers at the peak of their interest, significantly increasing the chances of conversion.

Score & Route Instantly

Reveal Buying Intent

Unlock the power of Intent Data to reveal the buying intent behind your prospects' online activities within HubSpot. By monitoring key search terms, website visits, and content interactions, you can identify when a prospect is moving from consideration to decision-making.


This insight allows you to deploy targeted campaigns and personalised outreach at critical moments, effectively guiding prospects through their purchasing journey with your solutions at the forefront of their minds.

Reveal Buying Intent

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