Chouffe around the world: Expanding Chouffe's community

Crafting engaging campaigns and enhancing website UX for Chouffe's success

Who is Chouffe?

Chouffe is a Belgian beer of the Duvel Moortgat brewery group. The Chouffe brewery created by Pierre Gobron and Chris Bauweraerts in Achouffe in the Belgian Ardennes in the late 70's, brews 8 different beers, all of them represented by elves. 

The Chouffe brewery and its elf Marcel have been around for years and have succeeded in creating a real Chouffe-fans community through frequent communication actions.

The challenge

With the aim of expanding their community, Chouffe launched the "Chouffe Around The World" contest in 2020. 

To participate, players buy a Chouffe beer, enter the code of the bottle on the website and answer a tie-breaker question. The winner gets a hot air balloon ride.

They partnered with Huble for the second time to boost their reach and increase participation.

The solution

Huble's winning strategy comprised of five key elements:

  1. Strategic workshop: Collaboratively defining campaign message and target audience.
  2. Engaging advertising campaign: A two-month campaign on Facebook and Instagram to maximize user engagement.
  3. Multi-channel retargeting: Launching diverse retargeting campaigns to reinforce brand presence.
  4. Content creation & landing page: Crafting compelling content and developing a dedicated landing page for contest participants.
  5. Enhanced website UX: Implementing UX suggestions on the website to boost engagement.

The results




unique visitors


clicks on campaign links

As a result of this work, the 2020 edition of "Chouffe Around The World" achieved resounding success:

  • A remarkable 3 million impressions.
  • An impressive reach of over 625,000 unique visitors.
  • An average of 28,000 clicks on campaign links, reflecting high user interest and engagement.

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