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Test-ify! A “fun” Game to Come Clean About CRM

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Like it or not, your office is basically your second home. This means that you spend a large percentage of your life with a second family: your work colleagues. With countless hours spent together, you might as well have some fun, right?

Now whether this test is fun or not is debatable. But one thing’s for sure you’ll definitely be surprised by how different the answers are.

The Game:

The first step is to identify five people for your experiment. There must be one of each of these:

  • An IT person.
  • A salesperson.
  • A marketing person.
  • Your point of contact at your marketing or advertising agency.
  • A finance or general admin person.

Once you’ve got their attention, simply ask:

“What is CRM?”

Here’s my educated guess on what their answers will be:

  • IT — it’s a system used by sales and marketing.
  • Sales — it’s where we manage our deals and customers.
  • Marketing — it’s used to send personalised emails.
  • Agency — it’s a loyalty program.
  • Finance — it’s about managing customers.


A wide spectrum of answers to be sure...

And they’re all absolutely right! CRM is a multi-functional tool that serves many purposes for different people in separate departments (hence the confusion).

This is why it's crucial that your CRM has the depth and functionality to cater to all operational needs. A CRM is not just a marketing tool, nor is it just about managing customer information. It’s a valuable piece of technology that brings previously disparate elements of your business together for unified, simplified operations that lead to business growth.

To plug the knowledge gaps and unite the divergent ideas surrounding it, we’ve produced a thorough analysis of the CRM marketplace and the technology that exists therein. Trust me: it gets a whole lot deeper!

Download the guide and put an end to any CRM misunderstanding.

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