Is Hosting Multiple Brand Domains Possible in HubSpot?

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In this blog post, we teach you how the HubSpot CMS allows you to host more than one website domain efficiently within one platform. This blog covers why and how to set up multiple domains and the costs involved.

So, is hosting multiple brand domains possible in HubSpot? The Short Answer Is: YES!

As your business scales, you may find yourself representing multiple brands — each deserving its own online presence. Yet this marker of success can seem a double-edged sword — with each new brand voice claiming its own domain, you’ll face more site maintenance, content management and general administration, right? ... Maybe. 

By working smart, and laying growth-minded foundations with the right Content Management System (CMS), you’ll be all set to scale with MarTech which can support your business efficiently at any stage. 

Let’s assume you’re at the point of wanting to host multiple brand domains efficiently. Can HubSpot help you do so? The short answer is yes it can. Even if you’ve started with one brand domain, and now need multiple, the HubSpot CMS lets you do this efficiently within one platform.

Here’s a quick overview.

How HubSpot helps you manage multiple brand domains

Is it possible? Yes. Does Hubspot make it easy to do? Yes.

Quick recap: Your brand domain is what many people think of as the “web address”, minus the .com and https. What you’re actually looking at when you type in a URL is labelled in the image above — the brand domain is a specific part of the URL. 

Theoretically, you could use a brand domain to host unlimited subdomains and top-level domains. And, if you’re using a tool like HubSpot, you could connect more than one brand domain — managing content and reporting for multiple brands from within the same platform. However, your control over this depends on your product subscription. Here’s what your subscription to HubSpot’s CMS Hub makes possible:

  • CMS Hub Professional: 

Using one brand domain, you’ll be able to host content on an unlimited sub and top-level domains. So each content type, such as your blog, can be assigned as the primary content type for a particular subdomain — where, in turn, you’ll be able to connect additional domains as secondary domains.   

  • CMS Hub Enterprise

A subscription to CMS Hub Enterprise extends the above functionality over two unique brand domains. With both licenses, you can purchase additional brand domains with the brand domain add-on

Not subscribed to CMS Hub? For an overview of the capabilities offered in the full HubSpot product suite, check out the HubSpot Knowledge Base article on using brand domains with your HubSpot tools

Why would you need this ability to host more than one website domain?

Hosting multiple brand domains from within the same platform enables you to do three key things that can revolutionise your business processes and streamline growth:

  • You can host content for two brands on two distinct domains.

  • Separate teams can work on each of your sites. With the brand domains add-on, you can limit access to your domains.

  • You get separate reporting capabilities for each brand, as traffic analytics for each brand domain is differentiated. 

A CMS that allows you to host more than one website domain without leaving the platform is scalable. Even if your business only represents one brand now, look to the future – investing upfront in what allows each brand its own digital fingerprint will save you time and money in the long run. When your second brand is ready, you’ll be spared an increase in administration and even the costs of subscribing to and onboarding an additional platform.

How much does each HubSpot licence cost?

HubSpot CMS licences start at $240/mo for CMS Hub Professional and $900/mo for Enterprise. Both come with 24/7 phone, chat and email support and additional support for your development team. If you’re new to HubSpot and just searching for an efficient way to host unique brand domains, you may want to check out everything that HubSpot CMS Hub enables alongside that functionality. There’s a great overview of their CMS Hub Pricing Page

Ready to deep dive and tackle the details? You don’t have to do it alone.

If you’re reading this, chances are it’s because you’re looking for more than a one-off how-to guide to fixing a technical glitch. You’re here because you have a vision, and are interested in sustainable solutions that go beyond just their technical implementation. We can help with both. 

Our skills lie in building resilient digital business foundations that drive cutting-edge innovation as you scale. From strategy to implementation and analytics, we tailor-make HubSpot-based solutions to optimise your sales and marketing process from start to finish. Get in touch with the team to develop a strategy that ensures all your business touchpoints are aligned, across multiple brands, and working together to drive sustainable growth.  

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