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RFP questions for the roll-out of HubSpot Sales Enterprise

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In this guide, Tasneem Rossouw tackles the questions you need to be asking during a HubSpot Sales & CRM enterprise roll-out.

Looking to migrate your company to HubSpot Sales Enterprise? Fantastic! But don’t jump the gun...

Knowing whether to tackle the migration yourself or to bring an agency partner on board can be the difference between a smooth transition and disaster. 

Take the time to identify what your needs are, and where you could use some assistance, to ensure you select the services best suited to help optimise your sales and marketing spend. In this article, we unpack some key Request For Proposal (RFP) questions to consider before you make a decision.

Before you begin…

Are you seeking guidance on Architecture and Strategy, Configuration and Implementation, or Training and Change Management? The following questions will help identify which of these aspects you need help with most:

  • Do you know how many deal pipelines do you require?

  • Do you know how many custom properties need to be built? 

  • Are there any standard or custom integrations that need to be set up with other CRMs or platforms?

Identifying how many pipelines, custom property-builds and integrations you require upfront ensures you get the right amount of support hours and safeguards against overly technical set-ups. 

When it comes to architecture and strategy, your new HubSpot configuration, and the support you enlist to get you there, should embody the philosophy of “form follows function”. So...

  • Do you know what reports you need?

  • How many team members do you have and what will their user management be?

Your “on the ground” sales team can provide valuable feedback to streamline and optimise the sales and marketing process. Combine these insights with what you’d need to track your sales and marketing spend accurately, and you’ll get a rough idea of the sales reporting features and dashboard configurations you’d need to maximise your HubSpot CRM. 

You’ll also need to define your intended user permissions to ensure team members can only pull reports appropriate to them. Additional considerations include: 

  • How much sales content do you need to create? 

  • Do you need any custom objects built in HubSpot?

  • Do you need any products set up? 

  • Do you need quotes set up, with a connection to Stripe online payments? 

  • Will your team be calling from HubSpot? 

  • How much data needs to be migrated into the platform?

Whether it’s content or contact information, knowing how much data needs to be migrated versus created will help you identify how much set-up support you may need, and the depth of technical support required. Custom integrations may need the help of HubL developers, extensive custom object builds can increase your set-up time, and if your team will be calling from HubSpot it will affect your budget for training and change management. 

Once you’re set up...

You’re all set up and using HubSpot Sales Enterprise as your new, customised CRM. To get the most out of your investment and sustain your leading edge, ongoing support from an agency partner can help. A support retainer is also a great way to free up your sales and marketing team from potentially time-consuming tasks that take their focus away from their primary goal. 

Outline some responses to the following questions to help identify if your company can benefit from ongoing support:

  • Do you need monthly HubSpot sales support? 

  • Do you need frequent content creation support? 

  • Do you need training for your team?

  • Do you need analytics and reporting moving forward? 

Whether it’s support with scripts maintenance, or you just want to take content production and reporting off of your team’s hands, a retainer can prove invaluable to productivity.      

Partnering with the right team ensures your migration is part of a solution that creates customer-centric experiences that drive results. At Huble Digital we assist enterprise clients with HubSpot fit assessments, set-up, roll-out and maintenance every day. If you’ve got a question, or would like to map a custom configuration to suit your unique business needs, get in touch.

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