An Innovative Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Agency

Successfully target high-value accounts with the right message at the right time

Marketing strategies for a specific target audience, long sales cycles, and high annual contract values

Using a combination of HubSpot and ABM tools, an account-based marketing (ABM) agency helps you target best-fit accounts based on the total relevant market. 

With a focus on the full lifecycle and the assessment of accounts, not individuals, we ensure that you reach the buying committees that make decisions.
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Connect with buying committees. Drive revenue.

Finding the relevant decision-makers isn't always straightforward. Our team of marketing experts help you identify your right fit account, the buying committee, and topics that indicate purchase intent for the development of a bespoke ABM programme and marketing strategy. Evolve your ABM strategy to ensure you're speaking to the right people.
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ABM Programme Development


Technology Choice

Choosing the right technology depends on your specific ABM goals, the size and nature of your target accounts, and your existing marketing technology stack. Depending on your needs we can help set up and configure your ABM strategy using tools such as HubSpot, 6sense or Demandbase.

ABM Strategy and Account Targeting

A successful ABM strategy begins with identifying and targeting high-value accounts that are most likely to convert. Using data and predictive analytics, we identify accounts with the highest potential value and likelihood to purchase. We then gather insights into the selected accounts to understand their needs, challenges, and decision-making processes. Finally, we tailor the marketing approach to meet the specific needs and interests of each targeted account.

ABM Creatives and Content

The content and creative assets used in ABM campaigns must be highly personalised and relevant to your target accounts. We develop messaging that speaks directly to the pain points and opportunities of each account. Next, we create or adapt content to address the specific interests and needs of decision-makers within each account. We can also assist with designing creative elements that resonate with the brand identity and values of the target accounts.

ABM Paid Ads

Paid advertising plays a vital role in ABM by ensuring that your message reaches the target accounts effectively. We use platforms like LinkedIn or Demandbase for precision targeting of ads to individuals within your target accounts. We can also implement retargeting campaigns to help you stay top of mind with account members who have engaged with your content.

ABM Attribution and Reporting

Measuring the effectiveness of ABM campaigns is essential for understanding their impact and optimising future efforts. We implement models that can accurately attribute revenue to specific ABM campaigns and activities. Additionally, we track metrics such as engagement, conversion rates, and ROI at the account level. Using data insights, we refine your targeting, messaging, and strategy over time.

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The Huble Digital team is made up of hand-picked professionals from around the world each of whom bring their own unique specialities and experience.
B2B Agency of the Year nominee (UK Agency Awards)
The UK Agency Awards are an esteemed recognition that celebrates exceptional agencies, campaigns, and talent in the United Kingdom. Our nomination in the B2B Agency of the Year category is thanks to our continued growth and customer success in this period. 
Best Marketing Campaign nominee (UK Agency Awards)
Our nominated work for the UK Agency Awards centres around our innovative campaign, "Human vs AI," developed in collaboration with GfK, Germany's largest market research company. 
Impact Award winner (HubSpot Impact Awards)
We were a winner in the Product Excellence category in HubSpot’s Q4 2022 Impact Awards. HubSpot, a leading CRM platform for scaling companies, uses the award to recognise members of its Solutions Partner Program who go above and beyond to help their customers grow better.

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Marketing success stories

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An international healthcare company

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Atlas Copco

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Dagmar Simon
Dagmar Simon
Senior Digital Marketing Analyst, Automic

"Huble really are an extension of our existing Marketing team and undoubtedly increased our efficiency, productivity and ultimately helped us achieve better results."

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