Breaking barriers in construction: Rebuilding GCPay's digital marketing strategy

How Huble helped to increase brand awareness, lead generation, and revenue growth

Who is GCPay?

GCPay is a leading provider of cloud-based payment management solutions for the construction industry. 

A SaaS company based in Portland, Oregon, GCPay aims to streamline the payment application process and improve transparency between general contractors (GCs) and subcontractors (subs). 

Their goal is to eliminate inefficiencies, billing errors, and delays that plague the construction industry. 

Seeking to build out an ABM programme to target high-value accounts, generate more inbound leads from their website and content, and improve and optimise current lead nurture processes, GCPay partnered with Huble, a global HubSpot marketing and creative consultancy.

The challenge

The construction industry has traditionally relied on manual processes and has been slow to adopt SaaS solutions like GCPay. Additionally, GCPay faced strong competition from well-established SaaS giants. The key challenges identified were:

  • Niche market: GCPay needed to generate new marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) in the highly specific and competitive SaaS market of construction payment management.
  • Optimised paid media strategy: GCPay wanted to use paid media to target ideal-fit accounts that were pre-qualified.
  • SEO-driven content creation: Content production lacked an SEO strategy, hindering GCPay's visibility and ranking in search engine results.
  • Improved lead nurturing: GCPay required revamped lead nurture campaigns with segmented audiences and differentiated nurture strategies based on where the leads were generated.
  • Website conversion optimisation: GCPay aimed to increase website form conversions and explore cost-effective ways to promote existing collateral.

The solution

Huble implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to address the challenges faced by GCPay. The key elements of the solution were:

  • Account-based marketing (ABM): Huble developed an ABM campaign, building out Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) account audiences and utilising Rollworks intent data to build paid media audiences and provide valuable sales intelligence.
  • Generating new inbound traffic: Huble devised an SEO and content strategy to improve GCPay's ranking for key topic clusters needed to drive organic traffic.
  • Revamping lead nurture: Huble rebuilt GCPay's lead nurture strategies, segmenting regional audiences and tailoring nurture workflows to support sales conversions and inbound lead nurturing.
  • Website conversion optimisation: Pop-ups were strategically placed on key website pages, targeting specific users with offers using existing collateral. This approach proved cost-effective and resulted in higher form completion rates and lead conversions.


GCPay pop-up example

The results

Huble's partnership with GCPay delivered remarkable outcomes, transforming their digital marketing efforts and establishing a strong online presence within the construction industry. Key results include:

  • ABM campaign success: The ABM campaign, implemented from March to June 2022, generated 1,760 sessions from target accounts, with 53.85% of them being new visitors. This campaign led to a 19% increase in deals for target accounts generated and a significant 46% increase in closed deals compared to non ABM generated deals
  • SEO success: GCPay witnessed an overall traffic growth rate of 11% in 2022, with a notable 23% growth rate from November 2022 to April 2023, driven by strategic topic clusters. They achieved improved keyword rankings, with 5 product keywords in the top 3 positions and 42 product keywords in the top 10 positions. Non-branded keyword traffic increased by 119%.
  • Enhanced lead nurture: The revamped lead nurture workflows for inbound leads resulted in an 8.5% conversion rate to customers, helping the client effectively nurture and convert leads.
  • Website conversion optimisation: Strategic pop-ups on key website pages led to an additional 111 converted leads, with no extra investment into any new campaign collateral.

The stats


increase in closed deals for target accounts


increase in non-branded keyword traffic


average form completion rate for pop-up lead generation

Mike Milligan
Mike Milligan
Chief Growth Officer, GCPay

“Shane and the team at Huble have been an asset to our marketing team, providing valuable marketing insights and services such as content, consulting, paid media, and SEO. They are professional and are always looking to try new ideas to meet our growth targets and have been a pleasure to work with.”

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