Revolutionising sales efficiency: Garage Living's CRM and CPQ transformation

Streamlined sales processes and customised CPQ solutions drive revenue growth for Garage Living

Introduction to Garage Living

Garage Living, a leading provider of garage renovations in North America, has been transforming thousands of garages since 2005. Their team of trained designers, installers, and service personnel ensures efficient and high-quality renovations to satisfy their discerning clientele.

Garage Living takes pride in using top-notch products, including polyaspartic floor coatings and heavy gauge steel cabinetry, all made in North America. With a commitment to competitive pricing, exceptional customer service, and a focus on local communities, Garage Living aims to improve the quality and lifestyle of homes through durable garage solutions.


Tailoring CRM and CPQ Needs

Garage Living approached Huble with several key objectives and requirements for their CRM transformation project. Their main goals were to streamline their sales processes, improve efficiency, and overcome the pain points they experienced in their existing CRM setup.

Their decision to move from their old setup to the new one was driven by various factors, including the need to migrate their website structure, gain better visibility into lead attribution and advertising ROI, and transform their entire organisation. Garage Living recognized the opportunity to improve their quoting platform and address the pain points experienced by their network. Ultimately, Garage Living's decision led them to partner with Huble and adopt DealHub and SkuVault as part of their CRM transformation.

One of the primary requirements for Garage Living was the need for a comprehensive CRM solution that could handle their complex pricing models. They required a system that could accommodate franchise-specific pricing, differences in pricing based on shipping locations, and dynamic inventory selection. Garage Living also wanted to migrate from their previous CRM system, Method CRM, to HubSpot, as it offered more advanced features and integration capabilities.

Another crucial requirement for Garage Living was the integration of their CRM with other systems, specifically their inventory management system (SkuVault) and accounting system (QuickBooks Online). They needed automation and seamless data flow between these systems to eliminate manual tasks and improve accuracy.

Furthermore, Garage Living aimed to improve their reporting capabilities by having visibility into active customer data and closed customer data across systems. This would enable them to track and analyse sales performance, customer behaviour, and other key metrics more effectively.

In pursuit of a robust solution, Garage Living found that HubSpot's CPQ and quoting tools fell short of their requirements. They specifically sought parent-child code product bundling and the ability to set custom pricing at the franchise level. The goal was to simplify the quoting process, empowering sales representatives to effortlessly generate quotes for customers without requiring extensive technical product knowledge.

Lastly, data migration from their previous systems to the new CRM was a critical requirement for Garage Living. They needed a smooth transition of their existing data, ensuring data integrity and consistency.

Overall, Garage Living's objectives and requirements centred around streamlining their sales processes, improving automation, enabling customization, and enhancing reporting capabilities. Huble worked closely with Garage Living to understand these requirements and develop tailored solutions using HubSpot and DealHub to address their pain points and achieve their goals.

See Ryan Spalding speaking about challenges and pain points in this video:

Challenges in Garage Living's Existing System

Garage Living faced several challenges in their CRM setup prior to implementing HubSpot and DealHub. Let’s have a closer look:

  • Complex pricing models: Garage Living dealt with intricate pricing structures that varied between franchises and shipping locations. This complexity made it challenging to accurately calculate purchase costs, sales prices, local and state taxes, available products, vendors, and dynamic inventory selection.

  • Limited automation and integration: The existing CRM system, Method CRM, lacked automation and integration capabilities. There was no automation between the inventory management system and CRM, as well as limited automation between Method CRM and QuickBooks Online (QBO). This resulted in manual efforts, data discrepancies, and inefficient processes.

  • Franchise-Specific pricing and product selection: Each franchise required its own pricing models and specific parent-child product bundling. Managing franchise-specific pricing and parent-child product selection posed difficulties in the existing system, Method CRM.

  • Tax calculation at address level: Garage Living needed to calculate taxes per address, down to the zip code level. The existing system did not provide a seamless solution for automating tax calculations based on specific rulesets at both the product and address levels.

  • Dynamic terms and conditions and appended documents: The sales team needed to include dynamic terms and conditions, warranty information, images, and product details in the generated quotes. The existing CRM system did not offer a straightforward way to append these documents based on the product selection and generate customised quotes accordingly.
In order to overcome these challenges and fulfil Garage Living's requirements, Huble implemented a range of tailored solutions using HubSpot and DealHub.

Solutions for Garage Living's CRM Transformation

Let’s delve deeper into the solutions that our team implemented, to address the challenges faced by Garage Living:

  • Automation between CRM and accounting systems: Huble created automatic deposit transactions within HubSpot and integrated them with QuickBooks Online. This enabled the automation of deposit transactions, purchase orders, and final invoices, eliminating the need for manual entries and reducing errors.

  • Middleware solution for inventory management: Huble developed a middleware solution that read webhooks from QuickBooks Online, updating the deal status when inventory was received and ready for installation. This bridged the gap between inventory management and CRM, ensuring smooth coordination.

  • Franchise-Specific pricing and product selection: DealHub, integrated with HubSpot, allowed for the creation of specific rulesets to manage franchise-specific pricing and parent-child product selection. Franchise information was automatically set in HubSpot during the marketing phase, enabling DealHub to generate accurate pricing based on predefined rules.

  • Custom API for tax calculation: Huble built a custom API to retrieve sales and use tax information from a third-party app within HubSpot. The custom API applied tax amounts to pricing for sales and cost of goods sold (COGS) based on specific rulesets at the product and address levels simultaneously.

  • Dynamic terms and conditions and appended documents: DealHub's playbook functionality facilitated the selection of appended documents based on the product selection. Sales users were guided to select the necessary documents, such as floor colour or cabinet style, which were then included in the generated quotes.
By implementing these solutions, Garage Living overcame their CRM challenges, achieving automation, accurate pricing, streamlined inventory management, dynamic tax calculations, and customised document generation. These solutions improved efficiency, reduced manual efforts, and enhanced the overall sales process for Garage Living.

The Positive Impact on Garage Living's Operations

The implementation of HubSpot and DealHub for Garage Living brought about significant results, positively impacting their sales processes and overall operations. The following outcomes were achieved:

  • Easy quote creation: With the implementation of DealHub playbooks, Garage Living's sales representatives could create quotes easily and efficiently. The playbooks simplified the complex pricing structures and enabled sales teams to generate quotes quickly, accurately, and without the need for extensive product knowledge or manual lookups.

  • Streamlined procurement and billing: The integration between HubSpot, DealHub, SkuVault, and QuickBooks Online facilitated automation in the procurement and billing processes. The automatic deposit transactions within HubSpot and integration with QuickBooks Online eliminated the need for manual creation of purchase orders, deposit transactions, and final invoices. This streamlined workflow reduced clicks for the users, making the process more efficient.

  • Improved sales efficiency: By reducing manual tasks and implementing automated workflows, Garage Living experienced improved sales efficiency. The seamless integration between systems allowed for easy access to product information, dynamic pricing, and customised quoting. Sales representatives could focus more on engaging with customers and closing deals, rather than spending time on administrative tasks.

  • Highly customised and branded documents: DealHub's playbook functionality enabled the generation of highly customised and branded documents. Sales representatives could follow the playbook to include dynamic terms and conditions, warranty information, images, and product details in the quotes. This enhanced the professionalism and personalisation of the documents, leaving a positive impression on customers.

  • Contract lifecycle management (CLM) support: HubSpot and DealHub provided comprehensive support for the entire contract lifecycle management process. From quote creation to signature requirements, procurement, and deal completion, the integrated systems facilitated smooth and efficient management of contracts. The automated deal stage progression upon customer signature eliminated manual updates and ensured accurate tracking of deal progress.

  • Reduction in manual effort: The automation between systems significantly reduced manual effort for Garage Living's sales representatives. The integration of HubSpot, DealHub, SkuVault, and QuickBooks Online eliminated the need for manual data entry, data synchronisation, and reconciliation across platforms. This not only saved time but also reduced the risk of errors in the sales process.


In summary, the implementation of HubSpot and DealHub delivered tangible results for Garage Living, including streamlined quoting processes, improved sales efficiency, enhanced document customization, and comprehensive contract lifecycle management. These outcomes translated into increased productivity, reduced manual effort, and improved customer satisfaction for Garage Living's sales operations.

See Jeffrey DeAnna speaking about challenges and solutions in this video:

Project Timeline

The project was carried out in several phases, as outlined below:

  • August 2022: Commencement of Discovery: Tech Stack vetting and identification of business needs.

  • October 2022: Configuration Commencement: DealHub and data mapping configuration, foundational setup of HubSpot, and API configuration between HubSpot, DealHub, SkuVault, and QBO.

  • Early January 2023: Sales Training: Training of Garage Living's sales team on HubSpot and DealHub.

  • February 2023: Testing and User Acceptance Testing (UAT): Thorough testing of DealHub and HubSpot integration, ensuring its smooth functionality.

  • March 2023: Accounting and Inventory Testing and UAT: Rigorous testing of accounting and inventory systems, ensuring seamless integration.

  • April 2023: Go Live: Launch of the new systems, including 43 CMS franchise websites and a pilot site in Vancouver encompassing CPQ, inventory management, accounting, and CRM.

See Ryan Spalding speaking about his experience with Dealhub in this video:


Through their collaboration with Huble, Garage Living successfully transformed their sales processes and overcame several pain points in their CRM setup.

The implementation of HubSpot and DealHub allowed for streamlined quoting, improved automation, accurate tax calculations, and enhanced contract management. Garage Living's sales team experienced increased efficiency, reduced manual effort, and improved customer satisfaction.

The project was executed within the planned timeline, resulting in a successful go-live and improved operations across multiple franchises.

Ryan Spalding
Ryan Spalding
 Director of Marketing, Garage Living

“We are thrilled with the CRM and CPQ transformation implemented by Huble. It all started with our need to migrate our website structure and find a solution to manage our growing number of websites. Huble's expertise and the integration of HubSpot and DealHub allowed us to not only address our website management challenges but also revolutionise our entire organisation. The results have been outstanding, with streamlined sales processes, increased efficiency, and highly customised quoting and document generation. Huble's tailored solutions have truly transformed our operations and have had a significant positive impact on our sales and overall business growth.”

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