The strategic redesign of sales operations for Whitetail Properties

How Huble's strategic solutions enabled Whitetail to streamline their sales processes and simplify their lead management. 

Who is Whitetail Properties?

Whitetail Properties  is a land management & real estate company whose goal is to bring together buyers and sellers of hunting, ranch and farmland. 

The Whitetail team consists of over 400 land specialists in over 41 states throughout the U.S. who pride themselves on being passionate experts of the land they represent. The team understands land transactions at the deepest level and are committed to providing the best service along with that expertise. 

Overcoming lead flow and sales process challenges

Whitetail Properties faced several key business challenges that prompted them to seek a transformative solution:

  • Lead flow management: Originally, Whitetail had brought us on board to help with lead management in collaboration with their marketing team. However, as we became immersed in the project during the exploration phase, we recognised an additional need for sales process consulting. This expanded scope allowed us to not only take on lead flow management, but also provide insights to improve the overall sales processes.

  • Data management & visibility: Whitetail encountered challenges with sales visibility stemming from fragmented data collection practices. Sales representatives utilised disparate systems, documents, and even manual methods, leading to a lack of cohesive tracking. However, the issue extended beyond mere visibility; it encompassed scattered information, inconsistent practices, and an overall disjointed experience. Our assessment revealed the necessity for comprehensive tracking and alignment of sales processes to address these concerns effectively.

  • Undefined & inconsistent sales process: Whitetail faced challenges in its sales processes because it was working with three pipelines each for their two main service lines, buying and sellings, for a total of six pipelines. This complexity made the processes confusing, difficult to understand and hard to track with HubSpot reports. The recent overhaul of the sales process had not yet been launched. Because our relationship with the Whitetail team had developed to the point where they trusted our insights, we were able to propose solutions to these problems. They were open to our proactive and consultative approach and appreciated our ability to challenge existing practices.

  • Adoption & change management: Switching to a new sales process and system was a major challenge, especially considering the large number of users working with different systems and different processes. The client therefore needed a training programme that could be seamlessly integrated into the company's learning management system to ensure effective training for both existing and all future employees.

  • Siloed sales & marketing efforts: Rather than working as a team and passing leads from Marketing to Sales and back, there was no consistent internal sync between the two teams, leading to opportunities falling through the cracks.

  • Operational efficiency: As a result of the multiple challenges, Whitetail had a lot of room for improvement when it came to operational efficiency, which is where Huble stepped in.
Let’s explore how we addressed these challenges.

Huble's strategic solutions for Whitetail's sales process

Building a lead management strategy

Whitetail had come to Huble for help with their lead management process. The goal was to outline a way to communicate to prospects information on properties that fit their unique interests. The first challenge was ensuring all the necessary data was getting into HubSpot in order to segment and send relevant content. The data element would allow Huble to build dynamically populated emails for Whitetail to easily create & populate for send. While mapping out the existing process and what was needed, Huble identified an unusual sales process setup. 

The unique process caught our attention and prompted us to find out more about why it was created in this way. This led to discussions about what a simplified process could look like and what the benefits would be. As the sales process wasn't in place at the time, we saw an opportunity to take a step back and get it right before training a process that could easily change in the future.

Transforming sales processes 

It was discovered that Whitetail had recently redesigned their sales process, but had not yet trained on it. Rather than proceeding with this suboptimal setup, our team recommended reevaluating the sales process. The Huble team shared some initial thoughts on why this new process might pose a concern and Whitetail was all ears on what could be improved. After further discussion, Whitetail agreed that the process might not be ideal for future growth. Huble presented a proposed new process and brainstorming flourished on how this process could be built to better serve the team.

Empowering teams and driving results

Huble not only remapped the sales process to simplify and optimise it, but also developed a full training program. This program included creating presentation decks, quiz questions, and videos that were integrated into Whitetail Properties' Learning Management System for training both existing employees and new hires.

The positive results that have been achieved have not only strengthened the bond between Whitetail Properties and Huble, but more importantly, demonstrated tangible improvement. By working together to overcome lead management challenges and re-evaluate the sales process, Whitetail has seen improved engagement, efficiency and optimised operations. Huble’s comprehensive training programme further empowered Whitetail's teams and ensured a seamless transition to the streamlined sales process.

Driving efficiency and success

Huble’s engagement with Whitetail Properties yielded significant results:

  • We successfully crafted two dynamically-populated email templates, designed for multi-listing and featured listing properties. The multi-listing template is a versatile tool in HubSpot that allows agents to customise their communication efficiently. The multi-listing module option within the template offers further flexibility. Agents can customise and edit the showcased properties to their liking, by selecting the number of listings they want to share, adjust colours and more.

  • To increase efficiency, certain elements, such as linked text and CTAs (calls-to-action), have been pre-configured to avoid unnecessary editing and follow company branding. In addition, the template automatically includes information about the agent, ensuring that important details are seamlessly integrated into each email without having to manually add them. The templates not only save time, but also ensure consistency in communication. 

  • In our collaboration, we evolved by redesigning Whitetail's sales process - a task that was not originally included in our agreement. The team at Whitetail recognised the value and trusted our recommendations. This adaptable approach not only resulted in an improved sales process, but also fostered a stronger and more resilient partnership between our teams.

  • With this launch, the client witnessed higher success rates compared to previous change management endeavours, sparking more excitement and engagement among their sales representatives.

A partnership built on trust

Whitetail Properties has emerged as an exemplary partner in our journey to transform their operations. Whitetail Properties actively participated in setting expectations, managing their team, and putting the right structures in place to ensure a seamless transition.

They also displayed a remarkable level of trust in our expertise and decision-making, allowing us to collectively refine and enhance their data management & listing processes.

Tyler Vaughn
Tyler Vaughn
Chief Digital Officer at Whitetail Properties

“We are extremely pleased with the transformation that Huble Digital has brought to our listing process. We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from agents across the business. Even those who aren't particularly tech-savvy have embraced the new process with enthusiasm, submitting multiple offers to their Business Advisors. The simplicity and efficiency compared to our previous methods have generated enthusiasm across the board.”

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