Maximise Revenue Predictability with HubSpot + Kluster Revenue Analytics

Drive your business growth with more predictability and accuracy with the HubSpot and Kluster Revenue Analytics.

Kluster is a leading revenue planning and forecasting platform designed to empower SaaS companies to surpass their targets consistently, every quarter. 

With Kluster's integration with HubSpot, revenue teams are equipped with actionable insights that enhance their strategy, planning, and pipeline management, streamlining their efforts towards more confident forecasting and revenue generation.
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Why use Kluster?

Seek Evolution

Our tagline of “Seek Evolution” showcases the way we think. We aren’t content at just implementing HubSpot, we want to constantly push the boundaries and help you evolve your business on the platform.
Pipeline Coverage and Projections
Have you always been given the mantra "need 4x coverage to hit your number"? With our expertise in integrating Kluster with HubSpot, we help companies determine the exact coverage they require based on their team's real-time conversion rates. No longer do you have to depend on broad company averages or mere guesswork. We guide you to more accurate and actionable insights.
Forecast Submission
Are you still grappling with Excel sheets or static CRM projections? Our integration services transition businesses to a more agile forecasting system. Using Kluster's capabilities, we assist teams in scenario planning and evaluating their performance against set targets. Our approach ensures you have a clear perspective on accuracy and areas where coaching might be beneficial.
Live Pipeline and Deal Health
It's not uncommon for sales teams to cling to deals longer than necessary. Through our mastery of Kluster's tools within the HubSpot environment, we guide businesses towards prioritising and managing their deals effectively. We focus on unlocking productive conversations around deals, allowing sales reps to hone in on the most rewarding opportunities.
Pipeline Change
Starting a week with a mysteriously shrinking pipeline can be exasperating. With our combined expertise in Kluster and HubSpot, we simplify the process of understanding these changes. Together, we can dive deep into the dynamics of your pipeline, ensuring that you're not just reacting to changes but strategically planning for them.

Forecasting For Success

Download Your Guide to Revenue Forecasting in 2024. This guide takes an in-depth look at revenue forecasting and shows how integrating HubSpot & Kluster can significantly improve your sales performance and contribute to your overall business success.
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Why Kluster with HubSpot?

At Huble, we understand the power of proactive planning in sales. Kluster's unique "Beforecasting" approach empowers sales teams to anticipate and strategise, turning representatives from mere executors to proactive planners. We facilitate this transition by seamlessly integrating Kluster's capabilities with HubSpot, adding another layer of intelligence to your sales strategies.


The integration positions Kluster at the heart of your revenue operations, ensuring data-driven decisions and proactive strategising. Beyond the technical integration, Huble's partnership with Kluster means businesses benefit from an award-winning customer success team. We're here to ensure smooth enablement, unwavering support, and efficient training, fostering alignment and driving better outcomes for your team.

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Free Trial: HubSpot + Kluster

Kluster is a powerful AI forecasting tool that plugs into HubSpot seamlessly. Once the tools are connected, in a matter of minutes Kluster will review your sales data and analytics and start providing insights. Add a layer of precision and insight to your revenue forecasting with a HubSpot & Kluster free trial.

Book a Forecasting Strategy Call

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