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How the design of your website improves lead generation

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In the first part of this three-part blog series, we highlighted the importance of optimising your website for Google, creating high-quality content and including calls-to-action to drive visitor activity.

In the second part of this three-part blog series, we will discuss your website’s structure and design – and how these elements can help you to build a website visitor’s trust, encourage them to engage with your business, and help you to improve your website lead generation.


Step 4. Scrolling is OK – don’t worry about it!

In the past, the thought of website scrolling was met with terror – the idea of scrolling continuously down a page was insane! The scrolling wheel on your mouse was hardly ever used whilst browsing – and remained in an almost pristine condition.

However now, this is no longer true.

Smartphones, in particular, have transformed the way in which people interact with websites. Clicking through numerous pages to find information is no longer a practical approach. Instead, websites are opting for beautiful, deep scroll designs and a website filled with valuable content mobile users can scroll through with little to no effort.

The idea is that deep scrolling websites make it easy for website visitors, no matter the device, to navigate around the website. It also gives business’ the opportunity to create incredible, interactive website designs that increase user engagement and interest.

Scrolling is cool – don’t think otherwise!

Step 5. Avoid generic images!

If you want to build authenticity and encourage website visitors to choose your business, you need to photograph your own people or no people. Do not plaster stock photos from Shutterstock everywhere on your site!

The idea is that by taking photographs of your employees – whether these photos are during a company event, lunch, meeting, training session or other – you can build the ‘human’ side of your business and appeal to your website visitors. After all, people buy from people, right?

Would you trust a business that had no photos of its own people and used stock imagery throughout its website? No.

We’re not saying don’t use imagery from Shutterstock or similar, but please please please ensure they are high-quality and accurately represent what it is you are trying to say. After all – a picture speaks a thousand words!

Step 6. Support cool design with solid varied content

If your website is flashy but lacks substance, you won’t retain the interest of website visitors for long. Having a flashy website is no replacement for a solid company description and carefully considered content.

You want to use your website’s design and aesthetic to attract people and make it easy to follow. Then, you engage your website visitors through a good description of what it is your business does and how it can help them. Once you have engaged your website visitors, you need to maintain their interest by using a broad range of content, including blogs, articles, news pieces, opinions, case studies, customer success stories, whitepapers, eBooks, video and much, much more. By including these content assets, you give your website visitors the opportunity to investigate further and engage with your business.

But remember, different people will respond in different ways to different types of content – therefore you should produce a wide array of content and include that content on your website.

And there you have it. Three more tips to help your website lead generation. In the last part of this three-part blog series, we will explore your website’s messaging and how you track engagement on your website to inform your decisions.

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