Connecting audiences and cultivating success: uLaw's journey with HubSpot

Learn how Huble's HubSpot implementation and inbound marketing strategy brought 49 leads and 41 justice demands for uLaw.

uLaw is a marketplace that connects businesses and individuals with the best lawyers for any type of legal need.

The challenge

The challenge of this type of model is called the chicken and egg dilemma.

You have to attract both audiences to the platform while controlling the acquisition intensity of each audience to ensure the optimal customer experience. 

To control the acquisition of these two audiences, you have:

  •  To be able to track the behaviour of your visitors on their buying journey and offer them the most efficient and personalised digital experience possible.
  • On the other hand, have the ability to generate qualified traffic to constantly bring in new clients and lawyers to satisfy both audiences at the same time.

All of this is executed within an Inbound Marketing framework to minimise media budget expenditure.

The solution

Transitioning from Pipedrive to HubSpot introduced a potent CRM tool, elevating the efficiency of ULaw’s sales management.

The integration of HubSpot with the uLaw platform enabled meticulous tracking of visitor interactions, paving the way for personalised content delivery attuned to individual preferences.

Through the strategic deployment of automation, our sales processes underwent a seamless transformation, culminating in heightened operational efficiency and productivity.

Within the domain of marketing:

  • Google AdWords emerged as the paramount channel for generating targeted, qualified traffic.
  • A focused approach to email campaigns nurtured leads, delivering bespoke content to prospects based on their engagement.
  • Capitalising on social media advertising, we orchestrated retargeting initiatives to re-engage prospects who had interacted with our brand, compelling them to fulfil their initiated actions.

The results


leads within 6 weeks


demands from justices within 6 weeks

85 €

Cost per client

We generated 49 leads, and there were 41 demands from justices, demonstrating significant interest and engagement from our target audience.

The cost per client acquisition was an impressive 85€, indicating a cost-efficient approach in acquiring new clients for our services.

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