HubSpot Services for the Travel & Leisure Industry

Within the travel and leisure industry, a mature CRM system is fundamental to customer happiness. Being able to enhance guest experiences through personalised suggestions and streamlined booking processes is table stakes in today's world, not a nice to have.

At Huble, we assist companies in the Travel & Leisure industry to optimise their marketing efforts, boost booking rates, and manage customer relationships through advanced CRM solutions, creating unforgettable experiences for travellers.



Travel & Leisure INDUSTRY - COLLAGES

Travel & Leisure Challenges


Platform integration requirements

From booking systems to loyalty programs and PMS systems, your team is most likely spending most of their day toggling between a number of platforms.

CRM software that caters specifically to the travel & leisure industry allows you to easily integrate all of your systems - offering you a single source of the truth, and one system that your team works on every single day.

Creating exceptional experiences

With so many choices in the market, your customer experience will be the difference between your customers returning to your business or seeking an alternative.

Your CRM needs to ensure that you have all the information you need to create personalised experiences for each of your customers. Small, personal touches are vital to ensuring your customers have a memorable experience.

Providing customer autonomy

Providing customers with a self-service portal allows them to seamlessly interact with their bookings, loyalty points and other key data all in one place.

Your customers shouldn't have to contact a member of your team to find their own information - you want to make it easy for them.

One all-encompassing solution

We understand the negative impact having fragmented data that's scattered across systems can have on your business and its efficiency.

That’s where we can help - creating a HubSpot architecture to ensure you create a full solution across all of your customer-facing teams.
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Combining tech and creativity

Not only can we build the technology required to make all your systems work, but we have the creative capability to help drive more bookings, increase customer engagement, and grow upsells and repeat purchases.
Campaign Strategy

Controlling the customer journey

The first consumer purchase is just the start, so how do companies manage the customer experience when there are multiple touchpoints and purchases?

We build detailed customer journeys that help you to retain customers for life, removing the guessing game from customer interactions.
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How mid-market and large travel & leisure companies use HubSpot

In this 45-minute webinar, you'll find out more from 400+ past implementations.

Types of HubSpot support

Seek Evolution

Our tagline of “Seek Evolution” showcases the way we think. We aren’t content at just implementing HubSpot, we want to constantly push the boundaries and help you evolve your business on the platform.
HubSpot Implementation and Integration
Our expertise in the travel and leisure industry has guided numerous businesses to unify their diverse platforms into a singular CRM system. From integrating booking and loyalty program details to creating comprehensive website memberships, our tailored solutions ensure all vital information is centralised, enhancing operational efficiency and elevating customer service.
Customer Journey Mapping
Transitioning from providing good to exceptional customer experiences is crucial in travel and leisure. We deliver customer experience enablement services, from mapping out detailed customer lifecycle journeys to producing engaging content, ensuring every touchpoint contributes to an unforgettable journey.
Creative Solutions
Whether it's enticing first-time visitors or nurturing repeat guests, we align your immediate and long-term objectives with strategic content creation. Our approach ensures your travel and leisure brand communicates effectively at every stage of the customer journey, attracting new guests and encouraging loyalty.
Ongoing HubSpot Support
Our commitment extends beyond initial implementation. Focused on perpetual enhancement, our team leverages the power of a centralised CRM to continuously refine and improve your customer journey. With rich data at your disposal, we help you optimise every aspect of the customer experience, driving satisfaction and loyalty in the competitive travel and leisure sector.

Customer Stories

Chouffe Case Study


Learn how Huble boosted Chouffe’s community growth through an engaging contest.

Marketing Strategy & Tech

Tribes Case Study


Find out how we helped Tribes connect Salesforce to HubSpot's HubDB

Website Design & Development

Muhammed Aydogan
Muhammed Aydogan
Tribes Marketing

"We called back and forth for hours, just to get a clear picture of what exactly we wanted to do. They helped us figure it out. They propose, promise and deliver. Simple. Not just with execution — their team is also lovely to work with."

Travel & Leisure Integrations


Elevate your Travel & Leisure business with Opera integrated into HubSpot. This integration streamlines reservation management and guest communication, ensuring a seamless booking experience. Sync reservation data and guest interactions directly into your CRM, enabling personalised marketing campaigns and enhanced guest satisfaction.


Simplify hotel management and guest communication with eZee integrated into HubSpot. This integration automates reservation handling, check-in/out processes, and guest feedback collection. Utilise guest data in your CRM to deliver targeted promotions and personalised experiences, enhancing guest loyalty and driving revenue growth.


Enhance guest experiences and streamline hotel operations with Maestro integrated into HubSpot. This integration offers comprehensive property management and guest engagement tools, seamlessly integrated with your CRM. Utilise guest insights to deliver personalised services, drive repeat bookings, and increase guest satisfaction.


Optimise your property management and distribution with Cloudbeds integrated into HubSpot. This integration centralises reservation data, streamlines check-in/out processes, and automates guest communication. Leverage guest insights to deliver personalised experiences and drive direct bookings, maximising revenue and occupancy rates.


Boost your online reputation and drive bookings with TripAdvisor integrated into HubSpot. This integration enables you to monitor and respond to guest reviews, showcase positive feedback on your website, and attract new customers. Leverage guest testimonials to build trust and credibility, driving bookings and revenue.

Maximise your property's visibility and bookings with integrated into HubSpot. This integration streamlines reservation management, updates availability in real-time, and automates guest communication. Utilise guest data to deliver personalised offers and incentives, driving direct bookings and revenue growth.


Increase your hotel's online visibility and bookings with trivago integrated into HubSpot. This integration enhances your presence on trivago's metasearch platform, optimising your hotel's exposure to potential guests. Utilise guest data to target high-intent travelers, driving bookings and revenue for your property.


Elevate your restaurant's reservation management and guest communication with OpenTable integrated into HubSpot. This integration streamlines table bookings, updates availability in real-time, and automates guest reminders. Utilise guest data to personalise dining experiences, drive repeat visits, and increase revenue.


Enhance guest experiences and drive revenue for your restaurant with Wisely integrated into HubSpot. This integration offers comprehensive guest engagement and loyalty solutions, seamlessly integrated with your CRM. Utilise guest insights to deliver personalised offers and promotions, increasing guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Microsoft Dynamics

Leverage the advanced CRM capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics within your Travel & Leisure business, integrated with HubSpot. This integration ensures seamless data flow between your CRM and operations systems, enhancing guest relationship management and operational efficiency. Make data-driven decisions to optimise guest experiences and drive business growth.


Maximise your CRM capabilities with Salesforce integrated into HubSpot. This combination provides Travel & Leisure businesses with unparalleled insights into guest interactions, sales pipelines, and marketing effectiveness. Achieve a 360-degree view of your guests, driving strategic growth and guest satisfaction.

Oracle Sales Cloud

Enhance your guest relationship management and sales insights with Oracle Sales Cloud integrated into HubSpot. This powerful integration offers advanced CRM functionalities, improving guest engagement and revenue generation. Streamline your sales processes and drive revenue growth with comprehensive data integration.

Intuit QuickBooks

Simplify your accounting and financial management with Intuit QuickBooks integrated into HubSpot for your Travel & Leisure business. Automate your financial processes, from invoicing to expense tracking, all within your CRM. Gain real-time financial insights to manage your cash flow and drive business decisions.


Streamline your accounting processes with Xero integrated into HubSpot for your Travel & Leisure business. This connection automates financial management, providing real-time access to your financial data within your CRM. Enhance your operational efficiency and financial transparency, supporting strategic business growth.

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