Growing in Benelux: Huble acquires Belgian HubSpot Partner Digitag

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Growing in Benelux: Huble acquires Belgian HubSpot Partner Digitag

We’re growing Huble’s global presence through our acquisition of one of the rising stars of French-speaking HubSpot Solutions Partners, Digitag, based in Brussels, Belgium.

For a long time, we’ve wanted to expand our services to support French-speaking businesses and have spent many months looking for the right partner, which we’ve found in Digitag.

So, what makes Digitag so special? And what does the acquisition mean for our clients, their clients, and the future of Huble? Let’s find out. 

A rising star: why we chose Digitag

An award-winning Growth Marketing Agency and HubSpot Gold Partner, Digitag specializes in transforming prospects into leads and leads into clients, all with the aim of helping businesses achieve their goals. As experts in the fields of marketing, sales, and service, they partner with companies seeking a consistent flow of leads for businesses of all sizes. 

Combining in-depth HubSpot knowledge with a specialist digital advertising team with extensive experience in paid media management, the Digitag team assists its clients in enhancing their sales performance by implementing effective marketing strategies and leveraging data to propel growth and achieve remarkable results.

The acquisition will bring our headcount to over 175 people and Maxime Charbit, Managing Director of Digitag, will join our Board and lead our French-speaking business. 

What does this acquisition mean for our clients?

Through this acquisition, we will be better equipped to support our clients around the world and in a wider range of languages, including English, German, and now French. 

According to Maxime Charbit, “joining the Huble Digital Group will allow us to expand and extend our business in the BeNeLux and France. It will provide a broader range of services, as well as more in-depth HubSpot support to our customers globally.”

While our Chair of the Board of Directors, Bob Dearsley, noted that “Digitag adds significantly to the value of the Huble Group through its French language support. Our native French, German and English language speakers provide huge capability for our international clients as they build new websites and develop far-reaching international sales and marketing programmes, as well as extending our international HubSpot training and consulting.”  

Continuing Huble’s growth

This acquisition continues our path of growth that started in 2020 when Huble Digital Group was launched as a result of the merger of HubSpot Elite Solutions Partner, The B2B Marketing Lab, and HubSpot Diamond Solutions Partner, MPULL, that at that time were two of the largest HubSpot Software Solutions Partners in EMEA. 

Since then we have grown significantly, adding bubblebridge international GmbH in Munich in March of 2022, making Huble one of the largest HubSpot Solutions Providers worldwide, employing over 150 people and being the first to become certified for ISO/IEC 27001:2013 security compliance in all five of our international business locations. 

Adding Digitag brings together four of the most successful HubSpot Partners as one international team.

HubSpot Chief Executive, Yamini Rangan, says of the acquisition “Huble continues to grow as a valued HubSpot Partner and we are always delighted when our key Partners join together to solve for customers globally. Huble Digital is a great example of how to scale a growing international consulting business to support HubSpot customers, wherever they are. Congratulations to Huble on the acquisition and to Digitag on joining the Huble Group.”

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