HubSpot improves sales forecasting features

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In this article, we delve into the product updates that were unveiled at INBOUND23 that are focused around sales forecasting, an area HubSpot users have been challenging with in the past.

In the dynamic realm of inbound marketing and sales, staying at the forefront of innovation is key to maintaining a competitive edge.

At the recent HubSpot INBOUND23 conference, a wide range of game-changing product updates were announced that are set to transform the way businesses strategise and execute their sales efforts.

From forecast insights and forecast accuracy tracking to AI forecasting and comprehensive forecast management, we explore how these innovations are revolutionizing revenue predictions.

Forecast insights: gaining deeper visibility into revenue trends

What's new: The unveiling of forecast insights has revolutionized the way businesses track their revenue trends against sales targets, spanning months, quarters, and years. This cutting-edge feature presents embedded forecast insights data, offering a seamless way to monitor the trajectory of forecasts and pipelines throughout the quarter.

Use case: The value of forecast insights goes beyond the surface. It provides a data well that centralizes the essentials - such as the team's pipeline and progress. Notably, it also introduces "wow" indicators that add a layer of engagement, allowing customers to effortlessly track trends and patterns in their sales journey.

Forecast accuracy tracking: elevating forecasting process effectiveness

What's new: The latest addition to HubSpot's suite of tools is forecast accuracy tracking, designed to provide businesses with a measure of forecast reliability and the efficiency of their forecasting processes.

Use case: Forecast accuracy tracking isn't just about metrics; it's about informed decision-making. This update empowers businesses to identify trends, patterns, and underlying factors that directly contribute to the enhancement of forecast performance. With this real-time insight, businesses can make data-driven decisions, optimizing their strategic moves for better outcomes and revenue forecasting reliability.

AI forecasting: empowering sales predictions with AI


What's new: Introducing AI forecasting, a revolutionary leap in sales projections. HubSpot's AI-powered forecast leverages historical sales data to project future sales with an unprecedented level of accuracy.

Use case: AI Forecasting is a formidable ally in the realm of prediction. Its ability to significantly enhance forecast accuracy, sometimes up to 95% or beyond, is a game-changer for sales teams. But what's truly remarkable is its capacity to learn and adapt, evolving over time as it continually analyzes and improves based on real sales activities.

Comprehensive forecast management: forecast across pipelines

What's new: Comprehensive forecast management emerges as a unified solution, allowing businesses to manage goals and forecasts seamlessly across their diverse pipelines.

Use case: Embracing the diversity of business landscapes, this feature streamlines multi-pipeline management. Businesses with varied pipelines can now simplify forecasting processes, ensuring consistency and efficiency. This unification of forecasting processes enables a more holistic approach to setting and achieving goals across the entire spectrum of operations.

Kluster: bridging the gap in HubSpot's forecasting

Kluster's integration with HubSpot offers a game-changing solution that transforms the way businesses approach sales forecasting and strategy execution.

Kluster's expertise lies in enabling businesses to predictably beat their revenue targets every quarter. The platform aggregates workflows and analytics from global revenue leaders, allowing clients to forecast, manage pipeline, and execute strategies for predictable revenue.

By partnering with Kluster, HubSpot bridges the gap, ensuring a comprehensive approach to sales forecasting and strategy execution.

This collaboration brings not only the ability to create goals and forecasts directly in HubSpot but also integrates deep deal intelligence and insights, along with pipeline warning systems and AI-driven projections.


HubSpot's INBOUND23 conference has once again demonstrated its commitment to innovation, unveiling these remarkable product updates that are poised to reshape sales forecasting in HubSpot.

Huble, as an Elite HubSpot partner, is ready to assist you in fully embracing these advancements. Our expertise lies in helping businesses make the most of these improvements, ensuring a seamless integration into your existing workflows.

Contact our team today to find out how we can help your business with accurate sales forecasting.


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