Lead generation mastery: Huble’s winning strategy for AddVision

How Huble empowered AddVision with 800% more leads 

Who is AddVision?

AddVision, formerly VisopGroup, is a group of companies in the pharmaceutical sector.

The group is present in 5 European countries and provides equipment for ophthalmology professionals.

The challenge

AddVision faced several challenges, including a decline in business opportunities due to the COVID-19 crisis impacting congresses, the need for centralising marketing tools after a recent merger, and achieving image standardisation across their marketing assets.

The solution

To address these challenges, Huble implemented the following strategies:

  • Lead generation campaigns on LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads.
  • Unification of the digital presence with a comprehensive playbook, landing pages, visuals, and tone of voice for lead generation campaigns.
  • Centralisation of Marketing Automation tools, implementing a standardised and centralised marketing automation and sales opportunity management tool across 4 countries, along with automations in connection with lead generation campaigns.

The results

1 month

to implement marketing automation

800 %

increase in the average number of leads per month

The efforts led to remarkable outcomes:

  • The marketing automation tool was successfully implemented in the 4 countries within a month.
  • Addvision experienced an impressive 800% increase in the average number of leads per month.

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