Launching HubSpot & a lead gen campaign in just four weeks

Find out how Huble Digital helped Evonik Health Care to maximise lead generation using HubSpot marketing automation and inbound strategies.

How can we generate leads when live events are being cancelled?

Evonik Health Care is a solutions provider and development partner for the global health care industry.

Before the pandemic, they relied on trade shows to reach their target audience and generate leads. As all global trade shows were postponed to 2021, this method of customer acquisition was no longer viable. 

There was a silver lining — an influential nutraceutical and food supplement show was scheduled to be hosted virtually.

This was an opportunity to reach new customers using marketing automation and inbound strategies. After the event, they would host two webinars to nurture leads they’d captured at the virtual event.

How do we onboard & deploy Inbound Marketing strategies to acquire new customers in record time?

The client’s goal was to generate at least 30 Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs), but there were two obstacles: 

They’d never run an Inbound Marketing campaign using marketing automation.

At four weeks, the timings for preparation and deployment were tight.

So, they reached out to Huble Digital.

We started with strategy workshops to create buyer personas, content plans and define lifecycle stages. After this, we attained a HubSpot Marketing Pro licence for content and PPC campaign deployment.  Next, we created customisable landing pages and lead nurture workflows. To drive webinar registrations we used:

LinkedIn Audience Targeting: Using LinkedIn Sponsored Posts to drive sign-ups and eBook downloads.
Google Search Ads: Targeting relevant search terms to drive eBook downloads.

“With live trade shows cancelled, we need to capitalise on virtual events using marketing automation.”

The COVID-19 pandemic saw the client’s bread-and-butter lead generation channels cancelled, forcing them to seek digital alternatives. Essentially, all global trade shows were postponed, with organisers having to quickly pivot to virtual alternatives.

But without a marketing automation platform and inbound strategy in place to nurture leads digitally, these virtual event opportunities would go to waste.
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Acquiring customers using HubSpot, integrations & Inbound Marketing

HubSpot Marketing Pro was used as the base of operations. From the platform, we deployed email workflows, housed content assets and landing pages, and ran a successful PPC campaign using LinkedIn Ads and Google Ads.

We also selected GoToWebinar for its ease-of-integration with HubSpot. This ensured our client’s webinars were hosted on a robust platform with high visual and audio fidelity.

Also, because the two webinar registration forms were housed on one landing page, we opted to integrate HubSpot with Zapier to segment lead sign-ups.


60 Sales Qualified Leads in just two months, against a target of 30



total leads by leveraging event sign-ups & webinar registrations


webinar sign-ups


clicks using paid media, for a €68.66 average cost-per-lead.

Meet the team that turned ‘crunch time’ into the client’s advantage...

With just four weeks to carry out the workshops, onboard HubSpot and create and develop supporting collateral, the Huble Digital team took it up a notch to ensure success for Evonik Health Care.

Due to the tight deadlines, even staff outside of the project put their hands up to help get everything over the line!

The results are a testament to our Account Management, Content and Development teams’ willingness to go above and beyond for clients.
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