Creating an educational sub-brand with custom data flow architecture

Website strategy and build, CRM architecture and ON24 integration

What is everlearning?

Huble worked with Everlight Radiology, an outsourcing solution for radiology services to hospitals, to create a new sub-brand called everlearning focused on upskilling radiologists. As we had developed the Everlight website in HubSpot, the client naturally came to us when they wanted a similar digital experience for their new brand.

The everlearning brand is geared around making high-quality radiology webinars and learning material freely accessible to radiology professionals around the world, contributing to their professional development with CPD accreditation and certificates. However, Everlight’s existing educational content was located across various platforms and drives and was difficult for users to consume. Everlight wanted to use HubSpot’s CMS and learning platform ON24 to create a seamless learning experience. 

A key marketing goal: the client wanted a site that could grow the awareness of the Everlight brand by increasing the number of consultants engaging with everlearning content.

The challenge

The primary challenge was building a brand from the ground up. While the Everlight Radiology brand was established, well-defined and recognisable, the everlearning brand needed to stand on its own as a distinct educational brand that nevertheless retained a degree of association with the parent brand. 

Another key challenge involved integration with learning platform ON24. While powerful in its own right, ON24 presented numerous restrictions in terms of design and layout, which would need to be managed carefully to ensure a consistent user experience across the HubSpot-hosted web pages and the webinar portal. Furthermore, data needed to flow between the two platforms to facilitate accurate records of CPD point accumulation, form submissions, and a great experience for logged-in users.

The solution

Our solution for everlearning needed to be multi-faceted. From a branding point of view, we set out to develop a unique and attractive brand identity that retained certain elements of the Everlight Radiology design language. This brand identity encompassed both design and content elements. 

The design solution included a new logo, mood board, web page design, and a bespoke design language. From a content standpoint, the solution included refined tone and messaging guidelines, strategic content hierarchy across the website, and all web copy. These respective solutions were set in motion with interactive design and content workshops that included key client stakeholders.

With the brand and website under our belt, Huble could move onto the next phase of the solution: ensuring correct data flow between HubSpot and ON24. When users visit the site and register for a webinar via the ON24 platform, that data needed to reflect in the HubSpot portal, along with any new webinars added through ON24. 

Our HubSpot Solution Architects worked with both the everlearning team and points of contact at ON24 to develop a custom data flow architecture in two phases that ensured optimal data transfer between the two platforms. This integration ensured a consistent and valuable experience for learners on the site, while accurately and securely managing the movement of contact and event information from ON24 to HubSpot..

Solution architecture diagram

Everlearning Graph 4

The results

Here’s how our hard work played out:

  • everlearning’s key stakeholders loved their new brand, which featured a distinct visual language and tailor-made designs including logos, imagery, and iconography.
  • We launched a gorgeous website that consolidates all everlearning materials, and seamlessly integrates with ON24 — launched at the end of July 2022, the website saw over 2000 visits within its first month, with 858 CPD certificates issued on demand by the system. 
  • The website is easy to navigate and learners can quickly find relevant lectures, resources, and webinars, or download their certifications. 
  • 164 contacts flowed through our system architecture from ON24 to HubSpot, proving that the data from ON24 was correctly managed and that our Solution Architects were successful.
  • Over 3000 views of everlearning HubSpot pages within the first month, leading to increased awareness of the Everlight brand.
  • Successful tracking of contact and event data from within HubSpot.


The stats


site visits within the first month


views of everlearning HubSpot pages within the first month


contacts flowing through our system architecture

Vernon Botha
Vernon Botha
 Digital Marketing Manager at Everlight Radiology

“Thank you for all the amazing work that has been done getting this live! I’m immensely proud of it, as should you all be”

Sam Dukes
Sam Dukes
Global Head of Marketing 

“Huble was the ideal partner for this ambitious project, combining expertise in brand strategy, design, and digital implementation. They encouraged and enabled us to create a compelling everlearning brand identity, bring that to life on HubSpot CMS, and integrate seamlessly with the powerful On24 platform. ”

What the future holds

In addition to being a pleasure to work with, the everlearning team is on a mission to make a tangible positive impact on the world: raising the standards of radiology and improving patient outcomes, globally. 

At Huble, we’re delighted to have helped them on this mission. We created a brand and website from scratch that not only looked the part, but also functioned perfectly under the hood. With over 2000 visitors within its first month, everlearning undoubtedly has a bright future ahead. 

Furthermore, not only will the new website help radiologists around the world to learn and grow, it will also attract more skilled professionals to the Everlight Radiology parent brand. All parties stand to benefit greatly — most of all the patients in need of high-quality radiology care.

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