Connecting customers to real-time solutions with HubDB

We helped Tribes use HubSpot's HubDB to match prospect needs to personalised solutions by building dynamic website modules and a bespoke HubSpot & Salesforce integration. 

How can we engage prospects with an outstanding user experience and frictionless sales process?

Tribes creates inspirational workplaces for its clients — small and large but always extraordinary places to work. 

The business needed a website that truly showed off its capabilities and rapidly provided prospects with connected, up-to-date pricing information.

Tribes needed to create a really engaging user experience for prospects and customers wanting to enquire about, or book a shared office space. We improved their appointment booking process by simplifying it, reducing friction and saving time and effort for their sales team.

Sharing up-to-the-minute pricing for office and desk space with customers across Europe, in multiple languages

Deploying HubSpot’s marketing automation platform and using HubDB, its sophisticated data store, Huble Digital wanted to build an interactive tool which would allow a visitor to select a city, a preferred date and the quantity of people involved.

In return, it would provide a detailed product card with the price, a form to convert the visitor and a call-to-action (CTA) to book a tour.

“We needed to revise how we presented our solutions to prospects and customers.”

Better prospect qualification was needed. Prospects and customers were being handed over to the sales team before any pricing information was made available to them.

This put unnecessary delays on their decision-making, drew out the sales process and increased the internal burden on the team. 
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Evolving customer experience

HubSpot was the tool which allowed Tribes to evolve and transform their customer experience, and optimise their sales and marketing process at the same time. 

The Huble Digital team built an interactive tool with HubDb on their existing HubSpot website, and built a custom integration with their Salesforce instance to retrieve up-to-date pricing information and store it locally for display in an interactive product enquiry tool.



dynamic website modules designed and built to work for multiple languages


custom integration with SalesForce and HubDB to pull real-time product pricing


locations represented with real-time data on dynamic product cards, with our custom tool

Muhammed Aydogan
Muhammed Aydogan
Tribes Marketing

"We called back and forth for hours, just to get a clear picture of what exactly we wanted to do. They helped us figure it out. They propose, promise and deliver. Simple. Not just with execution — their team is also lovely to work with."

The team that made it happen

The Huble Digital team that helped Tribes optimise their sales process and evolve their customer experience, was a multidisciplinary powerhouse. 

From account and project management, to HubL developers and MarTech specialists, this team mobilised to help Tribes identify key business challenges, before generating a custom development solution that killed two birds with one stone — optimising customer experience and sales, and marketing processes, at the same time.     

The team included a senior UX designer, in close collaboration with a backend developer working on SQL Databases and API integration, and front-end developers working on the HubSpot Framework, including CSS HTML and HubL code.
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