Successfully launching Invu's new product

Invu were looking to launch a new product and required a six-month strategic campaign plan to provide a launchpad for its success.

How do we ensure a successful start?

The Huble Digital team was challenged to develop a six-month strategic PR campaign plan to announce Invu’s new Purchase Order Processing (POP) solution.

The target media verticals included the very competitive FinTech media, BizTech Media and the Housing and Property Management media.

These media verticals had been identified as key influencing verticals, allowing the PR campaign to be dovetailed with Invu’s wider content marketing strategy.

The final consideration for Huble Digital was to develop a PR engagement plan that would also increase website traffic and therefore increase the opportunities for Invu to engage with early stage prospects.

Elevating profiles of Invu's key spokespeople

The PR team started out by building the profile of Invu’s key spokespeople as thought leaders, specifically the Finance Director as his credibility in the industry would resonate with the target audience.

By engaging with key media verticals - finance, accounting, housing and property management - the PR team used a combination of proactive (feature articles & blogs) and reactive (rapid response comments to breaking news) tactics.

Working with Invu, the PR team produced content that discussed the problems and challenges of POP, and the various solutions available. Steering away from product features/benefits.

All PR content created for the media was also re-purposed for use on the Invu website - employing the latest SEO guidance - and then promoted on social media for further amplification.

"We wanted to increase awareness of the POP Solution."

Invu had invested development time and effort to produce it’s POP solution and it was an integral part of its software development roadmap.

The POP solution had a wider market appeal outside of the existing suite of Invu software. Invu wanted to make sure the industry knew it had developed another solution that would complement its Document Management, Invoice Processing and Accounts Payable offerings.

The launch of the new POP solution was a key objective for the business - and a PR was seen as an essential tactic to raise awareness, educate the market, drive traffic, create new leads and secure backlinks to the Invu website.

Huble Digital is a trusted partner for Invu and as such, they knew they could rely on a team which knew its services and had what it takes to succeed.
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Positioning Invu as industry thought leaders

The combination of proactive and reactive PR tactics meant that there was a steady flow of media engagement opportunities. This allowed the PR team to build trust with the targeted journalists that the Invu Finance Director was a reliable and insightful source of comment.

A mixture of future thinking thought leadership and news driven reactionary comments meant that the content stayed fresh and offered a new perspective.

Where possible, and where the PR team has a strong relationship with target publications, we were able to secure no follow backlinks to the Invu website.

This became a steady source of referral traffic to the website, increasing the opportunities for prospect engagement.


69% media coverage in target A-list titles.



items of coverage


average DA from referring websites


items of unique content created

Introducing the Huble experts...

The Huble Digital PR team was a mixture of media engagement specialists, copywriters and project managers.

A multi-tactic PR campaign needs to have a central figure managing the different tasks and actions. The Account team worked very closely with the client, bringing in Huble Specialists to use their expertise when needed. 

Regular communications with the Invu Marketing team meant that content could get reviewed and approved quickly - which was key for the media engagement specialist to really capitalise on the reactive PR tactic. 

The Huble copywriter was able to take the depth of technical knowledge provided from Invu’s Finance Director and create ‘media ready’ content that retained the tone of voice of the client.
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