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Huble Digital becomes ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified

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In this blog, we discuss what achieving ISO 27001:2013 accreditation across all five of our business locations means for our clients, stakeholders and employees at Huble Digital.

The ways and means by which information and data can be accessed continue to rise, and as such, it’s become more important for organisations to be able to assure the security of not only their own information, but that of their clients, employees, and the general public. To ensure the highest standards of information security are adhered to, many organisations opt to implement practices and procedures directly aligned to the internationally recognised standards for information security. These standards are better known as ISO 27001:2013 - a certification that requires the greatest level of transparency and accountability, given that external auditing of systems is necessary to achieve accreditation.

Huble Digital is no stranger to this.

After almost 12 months of preparation and planning, and more than $250k of investment, we are delighted to announce that our information security management system and practices have just been officially recognised by the International Standards Organisation for ISO 27001.

In doing so, not only have we become accredited for all five of our business locations, but we have also successfully integrated the culture of information security within our organisation; empowering the Huble team to understand its importance and be autonomous in various aspects of its implementation.

Executive Chairman of HubSpot, Brian Halligan, comments, “Leading the way for our Elite Tier of Partners, Huble Digital has raised the bar in terms of what the expectation of engagement is for our Partners in the Enterprise space.”

Bob Dearsley, Chief Executive of Huble Digital, comments: “The certification positions us as a large, scaling organisation that can be trusted by large enterprise-size organisations. This accreditation is increasingly a key requirement for supplier partners in the Top Tier of businesses worldwide - Fortune 500, FTSE 100 and HDAX.  These are all businesses that will need HubSpot’s easy to use, highly intuitive CRM platform in the future, as their ageing CRM platforms reach ‘end of life’ and need newer, easier to use and more intuitive software.”  

Chief Information Officer at Huble Digital, Rowan Reid, who steered the business through the preparation and accreditation, comments. “ISO accreditation instils clear ways of working for our team and for the business as a whole. For customers and stakeholders, it provides confidence and an explanation of how we manage risk. It builds a culture of security, it protects our customers, the company, our digital assets, our shareholders and our directors.” 

Giving clients the confidence

As an international digital business consultancy centred around the HubSpot CRM platform, information and data, along with cloud-based platforms, is the lifeblood of our business. Information security impacts every aspect of Huble Digital, from our services to the clients we provide them to - everything we do is built upon the establishment and transferral of information. 

Through this, we believe it is absolutely vital to have a clear understanding of the ways in which we interact with our own information, that of our clients, our suppliers. and other stakeholders and how those entities and individuals interact with our own as means of establishing trustworthy relationships.

In essence, we are asking those who engage with us to be able to trust us with their most valuable data and through this, provide to them the exceptional services we have become known for. To be able to undertake this with full confidence and instil in our client's similar confidence, we now see it as paramount to treat information security with the same importance as all other functions of our business.

Building knowledge

Information security is not a solution that can be centrally managed by a select few individuals, but rather it is more efficiently implemented and managed by providing the knowledge and expertise for many to be empowered to make an impact. This is directly supported and influenced by one of our core values - that we are team players. We are constantly looking to support and evolve our understanding together as we appreciate that alone we can only do so much, but together we can do so much more.

We do this by engaging with the wider Huble Digital team, having open conversations with key team members, and grasping where ways of working can be adapted and imparting on them the knowledge they need to get the job done. In doing so, we often find that information security practices need to be adapted to suit business needs.

By empowering the Huble team in understanding the core principles and responsibilities around our information security management system, we are establishing a more robust and resilient team that is capable of identifying and managing risks, evolving best practice procedures, and communicating effectively on all things ISO.

Compliance for competitive advantage

It is no longer acceptable for organisations to remain stagnant. If new ways are not being sought to provide exceptional levels of service to clients, including new services themselves, then they’re not just standing still, they’re moving backwards. 

Embedded in Huble Digital’s core is another of our five values: We are innovative. The Huble team is full of aspiring, bright, talented, and creative individuals who are constantly seeking new solutions to keep themselves and Huble Digital at the forefront of competition within the market. They embrace change at every turn, and implementing new ways of working for information security has been no stranger to this treatment. 

Undertaking ISO 27001 accreditation has come in a long line of reasons why Huble Digital is one of HubSpot’s top Elite partners and why we will continue to be so because we place our forward-thinking and creativity as prime importance to the culture of the company and development of our team.

Throughout our accreditation process, I was concerned that the ISO 27001 standards would be too prescriptive in implementing an information security management system against them, and particularly that this would restrict the creative culture we have nurtured. However, the opposite couldn’t be more true. 

More than just a certificate

Achieving ISO 27001 certification across all five of our business locations is a pioneering achievement that has been built within Huble Digital since its inception in 2020, yet despite its impression, it has been far more than achieving certification for us.

Not only has undertaking this certification allowed us the chance to create more trusting relationships with our clients, suppliers and other stakeholders, but it has also granted us the opportunity to empower the Huble team by broadening their understanding of physical and digital information security practices and ways of working. 

For these reasons, ISO 27001 accreditation has been a clear investment for Huble Digital and will continue to provide benefits and repayment for all team members and the business for the long term. Please see the press release here.

For more information, please head to our security and compliance page.

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