Launching ecruit into the digital space

Starting from scratch, we developed a search-engine-optimised, lead-generating and prospect-orientated website for new business: ecruit.

Growing from scratch

Despite having no technical background, Ben de Grouchy, CEO, knew that for ecruit to succeed he needed a new online presence that would build his new brand from scratch, including a website and an integrated applicant tracking system.

ecruit’s website needed to be search-engine-optimised, as well as include high-quality content, lead-capture functionalities, and user-orientated features (including a job board integration) to drive lead generation, improve the user experience (UX), and facilitate lead data capture. Huble used a Growth-Driven Design (GDD) process to rapidly brand and launch ecruit into the enormously crowded UK recruitment marketplace.  The team provided a full-service inbound marketing plan, starting with the design of the ecruit logo and brand identity. 

Keyword research was then deployed to create an SEO sitemap, and the website was built and launched within three months, based around a HubSpot CMS developed website, HubSpot marketing automation, and sales enablement. Huble then built an additional ten pages per quarter, further expanding ecruit’s website and allowing them to target additional industries and facilitate new service offerings.



Please pardon any old branding. This video was recorded before The B2B Marketing Lab & MPULL merged to form Huble Digital.

"We needed a strong online presence to launch a brand-new business "

As a new business, ecruit would struggle without a highly search-optimised website and an extensive content and lead nurture strategy. They needed a growth marketing consultancy specialist to guide them through the process, build the website from scratch and educate and support them with the HubSpot software before, during and after the launch.
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In order to launch the new ecruit website, generate leads, and nurture through to becoming new customers, ecruit went all-in on the HubSpot technology stack. 

The website growth-driven design website was built in the HubSpot CMS Hub, whilst the HubSpot Marketing Hub, and HubSpot Sales Hub were implemented to help grow the business from scratch. This was a fantastic choice of tool, as it allowed ecruit to get up and running in no time at all.



days to launch, from the start of the programme. 


monthly website visitors to in 2020.


new leads being generated per month in 2020.

Ben de Grouchy
Ben de Grouchy

"In the first we months, we've had six large customers come purely through the HubSpot and content marketing route. One of these customers has bought from us three times, and another twice. Our content and inbound marketing system is helping us find leads who are turning into repeat customers."

Introducing our ecruit launch team

The Huble Digital team strategised, managed and executed on ecruit's launch into the recruitment market. This involved mainly our consultancy team early on in the programme to help with the branding and set-up of the new HubSpot license. 

We were then able to use our experience in the implementation of HubSpot to help Ben and his team get up and running, generating leads, and winning new business as soon as they could.
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