Driving Success Worldwide: Unifying Sales & Marketing for People2.0

Facilitating CRM Migration, Implementation, and Training across three regions 

People2.0 is the world’s largest global employer of record (EOR) and agent of record (AOR) services platform, created exclusively to serve the global talent ecosystem. 

They are the world’s leading enabler of the global, mobile, flexible, and remote workforce.

It is composed of thirteen firms spread across the globe that have been acquired since 2016, with plans to add additional acquisitions that will expand their global coverage and/or expand their services and channels. 

They currently market and sell in a single B2B channel with 4 subcategories of client segments, with distinct product offerings in those segments. 

The challenge

Having grown from acquisitions, and with more on the horizon, People2.0 was faced with marketing and sales teams in different regions, each with their own CRMs and other tools.

This made global collaboration a challenge, hindered their ability to scale, and prevented them from establishing global processes, systems, and measures.

As such, People2.0 were looking for a single global sales and marketing platform for its teams, as well as a single sales methodology to improve sales effectiveness, visibility, and revenue forecasting.

The solution

We approached the challenge from multiple angles and explored a wide variety of solutions to ensure that the best options were implemented to meet the client’s goals.

First, we developed the system architecture, configuration, and implementation to bring together global teams from North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand to use a single B2B sales process. 

We then migrated and transformed data from a group of systems, including Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Creatio, and spreadsheets, into HubSpot to create a single, consistent data format. The solution was scalable for future acquisitions, and we implemented a custom exchange rate and currency table to ensure accurate global reporting.

Second, we provided global training to all end users both virtually and in person, and we continue to provide ongoing change management and implementation support. We have onboarded client team members worldwide onto the HubSpot platform, and have organized users, teams, and permissions across the globe to facilitate onboarding new team members and company hires.

Third, we created conversion forms to segment contacts for the marketing teams and established robust lead routing workflows to rotate incoming leads and contacts to the correct region.

Fourth, we played a critical role in improving the continuity of business systems and ensuring visibility at an executive level through the addition of customised functionality, API integrations and automated systems. This approach ensured that managers at every level could seamlessly access the customised reports they needed. In particular, we implemented procedures with customised look-up tables and exchange rate APIs that enabled the automatic collation of key reporting data for multiple currencies. 

Fifth, we updated and troubleshot reports and dashboards to provide the client with accurate reporting data, in addition to updating and testing workflows used to assign contact owners and send alerts and notifications to client teams based on region for individual records coming into the People2.0 portal as it expanded to onboard the Asia Pacific region.

The results

Here’s how our hard work played out:

  • Successfully! We have onboarded 3 regions, NAM, EMEA, and APAC, into the system.

  • Minimal feedback and optimisation requests from users post-launch, which indicates a successful rollout and adoption of the new process.


users onboarded


deals and historical data records migrated


contacts migrated

Next steps

This project was only an MVP rollout for a B2B sales process, and we are continuing to design an additional B2C sales process, including segmentation, additional sales pipelines, and automation as well as implement further features and functionality to help us optimize what was built in phase one.

Jess Zukus
VP, Global Marketing at People2.0

“Without Huble, there is no way we could have finished this large of a CRM project in the amount of time that we did. To rebuild a sales process to be fit for purpose around the globe, all of the automation, data migrations, integrations and training in just under a year was not an easy feat. They were easy to work with, made sure that even after project finalization we were set up for success and still managed to make the process enjoyable. I can’t say enough good things about the team there.”

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