Revolutionising sales process management for Atlas HXM

How Huble transformed operations through innovative HubSpot & DealHub CPQ solutions

Introduction to Atlas

Atlas HXM, a leading global entity in process management, sought to overcome substantial challenges that were hindering the efficiency of their operations and limiting their global reach. 

The Huble team helped Atlas transform their sales process, pricing models, and approval systems through the implementation of state-of-the-art automation and integration solutions.

This case study delves into the journey of Atlas in overcoming complex hurdles and reinventing their operations, resulting in improved performance and sustainable business growth.

See Ciaran McGowan speaking about key requirements in this video:

Sales Process Management

The challenge:

Atlas was grappling with a disjointed sales process, primarily due to the absence of a coherent system to handle multiple lead sourcing activities. The organisation was inundated with leads from different sources, offline lead qualification, opportunity qualification activities, and multiple configured pipelines. This resulted in an inefficient process that lacked a unified data capture and activity framework, posing significant risks to the company's performance.

With a variety of lead sourcing activities coming from different directions, Atlas needed a systematic approach to channel all leads into one cohesive sales process and pipeline. Offline (Excel) lead scoring and qualification activities compounded the problem, resulting in a matrix of chaotic pre-sales funnels that further complicated the situation.

The Solution: 

Our team recognised that a seamless solution was needed to navigate this labyrinth. The solution came in the form of HubSpot, which offered powerful automation capabilities to address the core challenges. We successfully automated four lead funnels (Marketing, SDR, BDM, and Partner) coming into the sales department. This meant that all leads, irrespective of their source, converged to a single point, simplifying the sales process and enhancing efficiency.

Atlas didn't stop there. They used HubSpot to consolidate their multiple pipelines into a singular, fit-for-purpose pipeline. By creating custom properties and deal view sections in HubSpot, Atlas ensured uniform data capture and outlined activities for the sales process. This ensured a well-structured, efficient, and transparent sales process, significantly improving the sales team's productivity.

Complex Pricing Models

The Challenge:

With a global footprint, Atlas faced another significant challenge: managing complex pricing models. Their existing system, HubSpot, was unable to handle different pricing and line items on a per country basis.

The Atlas team had to resort to labour-intensive manual processes, using Excel sheets to manage this complex task.

The Atlas SOW & ROI calculator, though a resourceful tool, became challenging to use due to the sheer volume of pricing information, formulas, logic, and rules it had to calculate.

The Solution: 

We turned to DealHub to resolve this challenge. DealHub's robust capabilities enabled Atlas to handle complex pricing structures and offer accurate price quotes for each country. By configuring the pricebook with the correct formulas and rules in the backend per product and country, Atlas significantly reduced the time and effort required for pricing and quoting.

Moreover, DealHub's localization capability was a major boon for Atlas, offering flexibility and ease in language adaptation. They initially built the system in English and Portuguese, with plans to add another eight languages to meet their global operational needs.

Manual Document Creation

The Challenge:

In their pursuit of providing exceptional customer service, Atlas dealt with another labour-intensive process - the manual creation of output documents like Quotes, Proposals, and MSA & SOW contracts.

This process was not just time-consuming, but also prone to errors, version control challenges, and duplication of efforts. The manual creation of the Atlas MSA Template often resulted in inaccuracies, leading to increased workload and reduced efficiency.

The Solution: 

Atlas found a novel way to address this challenge, once again utilising DealHub's capabilities. They implemented a 'Playbook' system that enabled salespeople to generate any needed documentation swiftly and efficiently. This personalised flow system had 10 sections for the sales user to follow and complete, automating the generation of a branded proposal and SOW.

The system utilised a decision tree or recommendation engine, generating relevant questions based on previous answers and the solution design of the selected product. With embedded formulas and rules for calculating and concatenating line items correctly, the Playbook became a game-changer in Atlas' sales process.

As a result, the sales team could now generate highly customised, branded documents, in minutes, without the need for detailed technical knowledge. Additionally, these documents are available in multiple languages, enhancing the client's overall experience.

See Atlas Dealroom in action:

Offline Discount & Approval Management

The Challenge:

Atlas' approval and discount management system was a convoluted process. Since their existing tool, HubSpot, was unable to manage the complexity of approval rules based on pricing and countries, Atlas had to resort to offline management.

This involved extensive programming, incorporating numerous variables like regions, currency, customer discounts, package, and discount approval processes.

The Solution: 

The robust capabilities of DealHub once again came to the rescue. With the ability to add multiple rules and workflows for approvals, DealHub allowed Atlas to configure an efficient, country-specific approvals process and approver.

This effectively resolved the earlier complexities and brought the entire process online, minimising errors and enhancing efficiency.

Manual Currency Conversion

The Challenge:

With operations spread across multiple countries, Atlas faced the challenge of manual currency conversion for deals. Moreover, there was no ability to generate a conversion rate in DealHub for each deal.

The Solution: 

To address this challenge, Atlas deployed the Currency R8 Marketplace app. This tool provides the conversion rate to DealHub for each deal, effectively automating the currency conversion process.

Consequently, the deal amount is converted to the company currency ($) for reporting in the company's currency, facilitating smoother international operations.


See Ciaran McGowan speaking about pain points in this video:


The integration of DealHub and HubSpot gave rise to a powerful synergistic effect that transformed Atlas' business operations. DealHub's ability to sync all information back to a combination of HubSpot's native and custom properties was pivotal. It allowed Atlas to build complex custom reporting for their clients and streamline forecasting. As a result, Atlas can now differentiate immediate monthly sales forecasts from organic growth over 12 months, thanks to the formulas in DealHub that sync back already calculated amounts to HubSpot.

Moreover, the data from the integration also feeds contractor prices and revenue information into Atlas and PowerBi, which is used for invoicing and combined with data from other systems for more powerful forecasting.

Key takeaways

By overcoming these complex challenges, Atlas has significantly simplified its sales processes, resulting in a smoother sales user experience and world-class reporting. They can now quote quickly and accurately, build proposals based on complex pricing structures easily, and generate highly customised, branded documents. Most notably, the company can now manage discounts and approvals automatically, providing a remarkable boost to their operations.

Atlas' transformation journey vividly demonstrates the power of automation and integration in reinventing business processes. The seamless integration of HubSpot, DealHub, and the Currency R8 Marketplace app allowed Atlas to overcome complex operational challenges and achieve unparalleled efficiencies in their global operations. Atlas serves as a testament to the fact that with the right tools and innovative thinking, businesses can navigate the most complex challenges and carve a path towards unprecedented growth.

See Ciaran McGowan speaking about the key takeaways in this video:

You can watch the full webinar Accelerating Sales: HubSpot & DealHub in Action by clicking here.

Project Timeline

Discovery Commencement - Dec 2022:

The project kicked off in early December 2022 with the initiation of the discovery phase. Huble initiated the discovery process, focusing on Sales Hub, Marketing Hub CRM, and DealHub configuration. Towards the end of December 2022, Service Hub was also added to the scope of the project.

Deal Hub / Data Mapping & Configuration Commencement - Feb 2023:

In February 2023, the Huble team commenced the configuration process across all four hubs, utilising insights gathered from in-depth discovery workshops and detailed documentation. The collaboration between Huble and Atlas HXM was instrumental in conducting extensive data mapping exercises for the Deal Hub and determining data migration requirements.

Training - Early Mar 2023:

In early March 2023, training sessions were initiated for the teams at Atlas HXM. Training was conducted for the Sales, Marketing, and Service teams to familiarise them with the functionalities and features of the HubSpot platform.

DealHub Goes Live - 6 Mar 2023:

On March 6, 2023, the DealHub instance was successfully launched based on the meticulous mapping and configuration work carried out by Huble. This marked a significant milestone in the project, enabling Atlas HXM to streamline their deal management processes and leverage the capabilities offered by DealHub.

Marketing and Sales Go Live - 30 Mar 2023:

By the end of March 2023, Huble facilitated the go-live of the Marketing and Sales hub configurations. The launch was initially rolled out to testers (subject matter experts) to ensure smooth integration and evaluate new permissions. This phased approach allowed for any necessary adjustments before the final rollout to all users.

Service and End User Permission Go Live & Completion of Legacy Data Migration - 17 April 2023:

On April 17, 2023, the Service Hub configuration went live, granting access to end users. Additionally, the completion of the legacy data migration process was accomplished based on the revised configuration. This marked a significant achievement as Atlas HXM successfully transitioned from their previous systems to the new HubSpot environment.

Through a well-defined project timeline and collaborative efforts, Huble efficiently supported Atlas HXM in implementing HubSpot's sales, marketing, and service tools. The seamless execution of various milestones ensured a successful project outcome, enabling Atlas HXM to optimise their operations and improve overall efficiency.

Ciaran headshot
Ciaran McGowan
Director of Business Process Management, Atlas HXM

“The Huble team were a pleasure to work with. Taryn, Odette, Dan, Anrika, Laura and Michael are great people and have done a very good job for us in standardizing our processes and getting the HubSpot foundations right.”

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