Amazing HubSpot website design that embodied the Velocity brand

Velocity’s team wanted to turn their website into a mean, lean, lead-generating machine.  The Huble Digital team helped them to redesign it, optimise it and deploy it — adding a full inbound marketing campaign to boot.

How can we get our website to generate leads?

As an IT consulting firm, Velocity knew they had to stand out — this meant their brand awareness needed to be turbocharged. 

Achieving this required several things: a brand-new website, high-quality content, social media promotion and a fully integrated inbound marketing campaign.

The Velocity team also understood that the use of digital PR in conjunction with an inbound marketing campaign would amplify their business in the UK market and position the founders as genuine thought leaders.

Velocity and Huble implemented HubSpot and a supporting engagement campaign that was capable of generating, tracking and nurturing leads via the website.

HubSpot gave Velocity the ability to measure the influence of PR, social media and content marketing campaigns.

Moving forward at terminal Velocity

Huble started by migrating and redesigning Velocity’s current website in the HubSpot Content Management System (CMS). The HubSpot CMS would provide Velocity with a flexible platform that supported lead generation and made everyday website management much easier.

From here, the Huble team worked with Velocity to develop a fully integrated Inbound Marketing campaign which encompassed PR, social media, email marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO) and content creation. 

The content created was used to increase brand awareness and authority, and was amplified through the use of PR and social media. 

Over time, the content drove increasing amounts of traffic back to the website and developed Velocity’s brand positioning in IT consulting. 

“We needed to stand out from the crowd, emphasise that we do things differently and generate new business enquiries.”

Greater brand awareness:
Velocity wanted to establish themselves as a thought leader in transformative IT consulting, so they needed a comprehensive inbound social media campaign to generate the necessary level of interest.

New, appealing content:
Velocity also needed the means to engage with website visitors further, nurturing them to a point of purchase.

Huble created a series of high-quality content assets which demonstrated what the business did, how they were different to every other consultancy, and how they could help potential customers to transform their businesses.

Website analytics and tracking:
HubSpot gave Velocity a system that monitored and measured the influence of their activities on and off the website.
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Delivering results with HubSpot

The HubSpot CMS was integral to determining the success of the entire project.  

With HubSpot, Velocity had a granular view of how their Inbound lead generation activities were influencing the business’ bottom line and which areas could be improved. 

By going all-in with HubSpot, Velocity were able to use the CMS to create a flexible and reactive website engagement strategy. More importantly, it was easy for the team to use.



new MQLs generated in three months


increase in landing page conversion rate


new sales opportunities

Anthony Lamoureux
Anthony Lamoureux

"The team did a fantastic job of migrating our website into HubSpot and making improvements to the overall look and feel, taking on board all our feedback until it was exactly how we envisioned. Then came the fantastic content they generated — the writing perfectly reflected our voice and the new design templates were exactly on brand and totally different from your generic IT design!"

The website and PR heroes that helped Velocity

The Huble Digital website team really put their creative caps on for Velocity’s website build.

They not only helped Velocity to migrate their website into HubSpot – they also provided custom website design to make sure the overall look and feel reflected the dynamic vision of the founders.

Once the website was in place, the Huble PR team went to work promoting the founders in target sectors, and creating unique content that could be re-used for social media and marketing collateral. 

When using content across the different channels, attention was given to ensuring each piece of content reflected Velocity’s tone of voice and ultimately helped drive new activity and engagement on the website.
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