Establishing 3DSE as the R&D thought leader

Learn how Huble marketed an industry event and created a content-rich, interactive, and award-winning platform to showcase 3DSE’s latest research and development (R&D).

How do we flex our R&D experience and expertise?

As one of Europe’s leading management consultancies in innovation and R&D, 3DSE was sitting on a treasure trove of insights relevant to multiple industries. 

To establish themselves as thought leaders, 3DSE needed attention-grabbing platforms where they could share their research. 

Their solution was two-fold: to create a leading R&D conference and to build an interactive, online platform that could showcase their insights across various multi-media formats — including videos, podcasts, and editorial articles. 

At the same time, they needed help marketing their newly established R&D conference and managing post-event communication. 

Creating an award-winning platform and event for the latest R&D

To boost 3DSE’s position as a thought leader, Huble created R&D Insights — a platform offering readers a glimpse into the latest R&D topics and trends.

The Huble team worked closely with 3DSE to create the publication and was responsible for developing the strategy and designing, curating, and providing the dev work required to release R&D Insights to the world. 

Along with creating this platform, Hubble developed the marketing for 3DSE’s new conference from scratch. 

From tailored print and e-invitations to running PR, PPC, and social media campaigns, to creating web pages — the work put the annual 3DSE conference on the map. 

By extensively filming the event, Huble also created a bank of content to promote 3DSE and their next conference. 

“We needed interactive content and a winning event marketing campaign to drive brand awareness.”

3DSE needed a digital platform and event to share their insights with existing and potential customers. 

This was crucial for driving brand awareness and cementing their position as one of Europe’s foremost R&D consultancies.
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Marketing, dev & design for cutting-edge research

To create R&D Insights, Huble mapped out the required site functionalities and designed the platform’s look and feel according to branding guidelines. 

The Huble team then programmed the platform, creating a registration area, and ensuring that content could be easily distributed over social media. 

Huble placed as much care in marketing 3DSE’s conference. This involved meticulously curating all event aspects to guarantee that the 3DSE brand was omnipresent throughout the event space. 

Huble employed various tactics to achieve this goal such as designing conference presentations and setting up interactive screens. 

Annica-Maria Brugger
Marketing Manager

“The concept and ideas developed by Huble Digital have been key in establishing 3DSE as a recognised thought leader in the German R&D world. The multi-channel approach has increased our visibility on the market. Huble, as a long-term partner, supports us in ensuring that we extend our reach in the most efficient manner — we appreciate that they always work towards the overarching objectives and that they don’t get caught up focusing on individual tactics.”

Introducing the Huble experts

Huble’s Munich-based team of designers, developers, writers, and marketing consultants worked closely with 3DSE to create R&D Insights and market their conference, 3DSE F&E Leitkonferenz.

Our close cooperation resulted in both a highly successful and well-attended event and a leading R&D publication.            

While impressing our clients is always first prize, our work creating R&D Insights won the Bronze Stevie® in the “Business Services” category in the German Stevie Awards 2019
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