HubSpot Services for the Healthcare Industry

Streamlining patient care and enhancing communication between providers and patients in healthcare becomes effortless with HubSpot, ensuring timely follow-ups and truly personalised health management.

At Huble, we assist healthcare organisations in adopting advanced HubSpot solutions to improve patient engagement, optimise healthcare marketing efforts, and manage patient data more effectively, ultimately enhancing overall care delivery.

Healthcare CRM Challenges


Data regulations

Healthcare providers need one system to efficiently store their customer information, marketing and sales data, website, and product information. What’s more, your CRM needs to be able to separate your marketing and patient data to ensure you are meeting the relevant regulatory requirements e.g. HIPAA compliance.

By using HubSpot, a CRM that is all-encompassing, and is able to integrate with other systems easily, you’ll gain a holistic overview of your business and customers - ultimately empowering you to deliver a better experience.

Marketing complex offerings

It’s essential that you create engaging messaging that properly explains and positions your products and offerings within your market. But when the equipment you supply, or the services you offer, have intricate specifications, it’s difficult for your sales and marketing teams to stay up to date on all specs.

We help companies to gain quick and easy access to all product information and documentation in one, central database, ensuring all messaging across your sales and marketing teams is aligned.

Disconnected tech stack

Even with all the technological advances, many healthcare facilities and manufacturers still use out-of-date technology. Storing your data separately across your CRM, websites and PIMs can lead to outdated, disjointed data, and ultimately missed opportunities.

Using a centralised HubSpot CRM will allow for forward planning and strategic alignment between teams.

Technology Experience

Our team is well-versed in understanding what sales and marketing technology is available and how to build solutions that work best for those in the healthcare industry.

We know finding solutions can often be hindered by compliance and regulations, that’s why our HubSpot team is up to date and can best advise on systems which are compliant, as well as opportunities for integrations.

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Product Marketing

When speaking to your healthcare products we know there’s a lot of information to cover, but how can you share the benefits and solutions they offer in a sentence or two?

Our team can help you create well-crafted content in a variety of formats, building your overall messaging, positioning and branding to take your product to market.
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System Integration

Disjointed systems can result in a lot of wasted time and energy - that’s where we come in. Our team will help you integrate your systems with HubSpot as a means to automate your communication and get a single view of your customer from multiple systems. This integration will improve business efficiency, close the reporting loop and align your teams across the business.
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How mid-market and large healthcare companies use HubSpot

Healthcare HubSpot support

Seek Evolution

Our tagline of “Seek Evolution” showcases the way we think. We aren’t content at just implementing HubSpot, we want to constantly push the boundaries and help you evolve your business on the platform.
HubSpot Solution Architecture
Our deep dive into your healthcare organization's data sources, systems, and tools aims to identify how these components can best function together, ensuring seamless integration. This integration is critical for providing a unified view of patient information, enhancing the coordination between sales, marketing, and patient care teams, and ultimately improving the delivery of healthcare services.
Customer Journey Mapping
The patient journey within healthcare is complex and deeply personal, often involving multiple touchpoints across various stages of care and engagement. Recognising the need for sensitive and meaningful interactions, we craft detailed patient journey maps with embedded automation, optimising each step of the journey to ensure the best possible patient experience. This approach not only supports patient engagement but also aids in patient retention and satisfaction.
HubSpot Integration Development
Leveraging the full potential of your CRM in healthcare means integrating it with other critical systems, from Electronic Health Records (EHR) to billing and patient engagement platforms. Our expertise in creating these integrations turns your CRM into an all-encompassing repository of patient information, facilitating a more coordinated and efficient healthcare delivery system.
HubSpot Implementation
Our tailored CRM implementation solutions for healthcare organisations include comprehensive training and strategic rollout planning. By conducting a thorough analysis of your healthcare processes and workflows, we ensure a seamless integration of the CRM into your operations. This careful planning is essential for managing patient information efficiently, enhancing communication across departments, and providing a more personalised and efficient healthcare service.
Sensitive Data
As of early 2024, HubSpot now allows healthcare companies to host sensitive data securely. Users with Super Admin permissions can enable this setting, create custom properties for sensitive data, and restrict access with field-level permissions. This feature, available currently in the United States, European Union, and the United Kingdom, enhances data protection with additional encryption layers, ensuring secure management of sensitive information within HubSpot's CRM platform.

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Healthcare System Integration


HubSpot and Skyflow Integration for Healthcare: This integration enhances patient data security and privacy by seamlessly connecting HubSpot's CRM capabilities with Skyflow's privacy-preserving data vault. Healthcare providers can manage patient interactions, appointments, and communications with confidence, knowing that sensitive information is safeguarded to the highest standards.


HubSpot and Medesk Integration for Healthcare: Streamline your clinic's operations with the Medesk integration for HubSpot. This powerful combination enables healthcare professionals to manage patient appointments, medical histories, and communication within HubSpot. Improve patient engagement and operational efficiency by centralising medical and administrative data.


HubSpot and PowerDiary Integration for Healthcare: Perfect for practices seeking to optimise appointment scheduling and client management, this integration brings PowerDiary's robust diary management into HubSpot's ecosystem. Healthcare providers can now manage patient bookings, communications, and follow-ups, ensuring a smoother patient journey and improved service delivery.


HubSpot and Caspio Integration for Healthcare: Leverage the power of custom database applications with Caspio's no-code platform integrated into HubSpot. Healthcare organisations can develop bespoke applications for patient management, resource allocation, and service tracking, all within the familiar interface of HubSpot, enhancing data flow and operational efficiency.


HubSpot and 10to8 Integration for Healthcare: Simplify appointment booking and reduce no-shows with the 10to8 integration for HubSpot. This connection allows healthcare providers to manage appointments directly within HubSpot, providing automated reminders to patients and ensuring a seamless scheduling experience.


HubSpot and Pabau Integration for Healthcare: Tailored for clinics and healthcare practices, the Pabau integration streamlines patient management by syncing appointment schedules, patient records, and communication within HubSpot. Enhance patient care and clinic efficiency with this integrated solution.


HubSpot and NueMD Integration for Healthcare: This integration connects NueMD's medical billing and practice management software with HubSpot, enabling healthcare providers to manage patient interactions, billing, and clinical data in one place. Improve efficiency and patient satisfaction by unifying administrative and care processes.

Microsoft Dynamics

HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics Integration for Healthcare: Combine the robust CRM and ERP capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics with HubSpot's marketing, sales, and service features for a comprehensive healthcare management solution. This integration helps manage patient relationships, streamline operations, and leverage data analytics for improved decision-making.


HubSpot and Salesforce Integration for Healthcare: Enhance patient relationship management by integrating Salesforce with HubSpot. This powerful connection provides healthcare organisations with advanced tools for managing patient data, communications, and care processes, ensuring a personalised and efficient healthcare experience.

Oracle Sales Cloud

HubSpot and Oracle Sales Cloud Integration for Healthcare: By integrating Oracle Sales Cloud with HubSpot, healthcare providers gain a sophisticated set of tools for managing patient interactions, data, and operations. This integration facilitates improved patient engagement, operational efficiency, and data-driven decision-making.

Intuit QuickBooks

HubSpot and Intuit QuickBooks Integration for Healthcare: Simplify financial management for your healthcare practice by integrating Intuit QuickBooks with HubSpot. This connection allows for seamless management of billing, invoicing, and patient payments within HubSpot, ensuring accurate financial tracking and reporting.


HubSpot and Xero Integration for Healthcare: Connect Xero's comprehensive accounting software with HubSpot to streamline financial processes for healthcare providers. Manage invoices, payments, and financial reporting directly within HubSpot, enhancing efficiency and providing a clear overview of financial health.

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