Increasing parent bookings & tours by over 100%

We helped White Lodge nurture and generate enrolment requests, increase booking conversions and overall brand visibility online. 

How can we grow our business sustainably?

White Lodge International Preschool & Childcare is one of the top international preschools and kindergartens in Singapore and Malaysia, with 11 schools in the two regions. 

As their schools were growing, they wanted to better manage enrolment requests and capitalise on all leads generated. 

They also needed help with several key business goals including: 

  • Customer Acquisition — White Lodge wanted to increase conversions by 100% in 12 months. This meant doubling their bookings each week from 5-10.

  • Generate and nurture contacts — They needed a system to better nurture the contacts they generated.

  • Increase overall brand awareness — They wanted to increase visibility of their new schools to parents.

Creating an inbound programme that converts leads

The Huble team had several face-to-face consultations with White Lodge. This enabled them to: 

  • Create buyer personas
  • Conduct a content audit (to identify what new content was needed)
  • Map out lead-management processes
  • Train White Lodge in HubSpot basics 
  • Devise an inbound programme 
  • Create lead generating forms for the websites of schools in both countries 
  • The Huble team then launched the Inbound programme including search-engine-optimised blogs, social media activity and general HubSpot support for the White Lodge team.
  • Finally, the team helped White Lodge to set up a custom integration with Acuity, an automated scheduling tool. This custom integration enabled White Lodge to have a calendar on the website so parents can book a tour directly with the respective school at a time that was convenient for them.

“We needed automation to help deal with our growth."

White Lodge’s schools were growing which meant they were attracting more and more parents, resulting in greater enrolment and tour requests. 

While White Lodge managed many of these requests through their main administrative office, they wanted each school to take ownership of their respective bookings and capitalise on all leads generated. They needed software to handle the growth of their business and help them convert these leads. To implement this, they needed a growth marketing consultancy to set them up on the software and help them use the platform to its full potential. 
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To successfully increase conversions, White Lodge needed marketing software that would allow them to  nurture contacts and identify unique buyer personas in their database. 

The automation tool was crucial in creating workflows and allowing the team to nurture contacts through the sales funnel to create conversions at all stages of the buyer's journey. To increase their tour bookings of White Lodge campuses, the team needed effective conversion points designed and launched across the website. The use of HubSpot allowed White Lodge to achieve all of this, as well as using custom integrations with other automation tools to improve the customer experience. 

Lastly, the tech stack enabled White Lodge to create, manage, optimise and report on the content on their website, including blogs, emails and all social activity.



increase in HubSpot "Contact Us" and "Book a Tour" form submissions on the Malaysia website


number of keywords for which is ranking in Google Singapore (Source: BrightEdge)


79% increase in organic traffic from Malaysia in 2019

Megan Simpson
Megan Simpson
Head of Marketing

"I consider the Huble Digital team to be an integral part of our team! They are always available to help or lend a hand when needed, and are extremely reliable and efficient. I thoroughly enjoy their positive attitude and dedicated work ethic. Grateful to have them supporting our business."

Introducing our White Lodge team

Our APAC team in Singapore worked closely with White Lodge marketing team to provide face-to-face consulting, HubSpot support, and weekly update calls to run through current activity and improve progress towards specific goals. 

White Lodge were also supported firstly by the Huble Digital global analytics team, led by our SEO and SEM specialists to ensure optimal website performance. In addition, the Huble website development and design have been invaluable to the website development progress and improvements in website conversion rates.
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