Empowering connections: Abbott's journey to building brand loyalty

Continuously improving Abbott’s consumer awareness with data-backed insights

About Abbott

Abbott is one of the world’s leading brands in the development and marketing of medical products. 

Abbott Diabetes Care division provides a comprehensive range of blood glucose monitoring systems designed to help people better manage their diabetes.

The challenge

Abbott faced the challenge of connecting with their target audience and establishing long-term relationships with patients and customers. 

Specifically, they aimed to create consumer awareness around the FreeStyle brand and foster a community to encourage brand loyalty. 

Additionally, the company wanted to educate diabetes consumers about their products, understand their needs, and generate leads.

The solution

Over the course of three years, Huble helped Abbott implement a comprehensive solution to address their challenges:

  • SEA and SEO strategy: We set up a Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy, focusing on behavioural KPIs to improve their online visibility and attract relevant traffic.
  • Content strategy: We developed a brand new content strategy with various themes and content types to engage their audience effectively. This approach aimed to provide valuable information and insights related to diabetes management and the FreeStyle products.
  • Diversified acquisition channels: We expanded its acquisition channels, including YouTube, Programmatic Advertising, and Facebook/Instagram. We utilised automated tools for efficient targeting, continuous monitoring, and optimisation to maximise the impact of their advertising efforts.

The results

211 %

increase in registrations

160 %

increase in completed contact forms

959 %

increase in app downloads

As a result of these initiatives, Abbott achieved remarkable outcomes, exceeding their set objectives

  • The number of registrations significantly increased, indicating a growing interest in Abbott's products and services within the target audience.
  • The increased number of contact form submissions showcased heightened engagement and interest from potential customers seeking more information.
  • The FreeStyle app witnessed a substantial surge in downloads, indicating improved awareness and adoption of their mobile application for diabetes management.

These results demonstrated the effectiveness of our approach in enhancing consumer awareness, engagement, and loyalty, positioning them as a leader in diabetes care and management. Moreover, the continuous improvement paths paved the way for sustained success in the competitive market.

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