Breaking down silos with HubSpot

Empowering a business school’s marketing department with a custom tool to import Microsoft Dynamics CRM data into HubSpot.

Who are they?

The business school is part of a college in London that’s a global leader in science and technology. The college offers MBA, Masters, PhD, and selected undergraduate courses.

The challenge

It's marketing team was using HubSpot Marketing Hub for their communications, however, the sales team was established on Microsoft Dynamics 365, resulting in them working in silos and unable to strategically market to clients based on their sales journey.

To enable targeted marketing to prospective candidates, the business school needed their application management system and their marketing engine to communicate with one another without a complete system integration. 

The team wanted to explore alternative solutions to a system integration to bring the sales information into HubSpot as deals. 

The native HubSpot importer tool was looked into, however, it fell short of their need to import the same deal record multiple times without creating duplicate deals in HubSpot.

Our solution

To solve this challenge, a custom importer for HubSpot was built by our in-house developers.

The importer allows a large number of deals to be imported into HubSpot. 

As the records pass through the importer, their unique MS Dynamics ID is recorded and matched with the newly created unique HubSpot deal ID. 

This mechanism allows the importer to pick up which new deals to create and which existing deals to update. 

The results

How our hard work played out:

The custom importer tool allowed the business school to bring in over 120 000 deal records into Hubspot from Dynamics 365.

As the sales team continues to work on these records in Dynamics 365, the marketing team has confidence in the Hubspot data, knowing that the team is updating the Hubspot deals via the importer tool at an internal agreed-upon cadence.
By empowering the team to bring sales data into Hubspot, Huble helped bridge the gap between the sales and marketing silos. 

With a clear view of the sales pipeline, the marketing team was able to action nurturing email campaigns from within Hubspot. 

The stats


candidates nurtured


average email open rate for nurturing emails


actively running nurture workflows

Director of Global Marketing and Recruitment 

“We worked with Huble to identify and resolve a major data importing issue in our HubSpot instance. The team at Huble supported us as we worked through the layers of the issue to identify the root cause rather than a quick fix. This was key to ensuring we were confident in the integrity of the data and allowed us to put into place a longer-term solution. The team were always on hand to support, engage and listen which made it a more collaborative effort. We are now in a much stronger position to be able to use HubSpot to achieve our engagement goals.”

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