Launching Lakeland into Europe

Lakeland Industries had already achieved success in the United States by using HubSpot and Content Marketing — and wanted help to replicate the growth across Europe.

How do we replicate our growth in the US in Europe?

Lakeland was looking to expand into Europe to further market their products and services internationally. Whilst Lakeland had grown consistently since opening their UK-based European division in 2002, they felt that a HubSpot-savvy UK partner would help them to take their business and marketing to the next level. 

Lakeland wanted a partner that could help them to achieve recognition as one of the key global suppliers of protective clothing throughout European markets, particularly in the UK and Germany. 

Building a strong foundation for marketing success

Lakeland Industries needed a European-focused marketing foundation and strategy. This started with buyer persona review and development, as well as a review of any existing content that could be used across the European market. 

Huble Digital then assisted Lakeland with creating a content plan based on extensive keyword research, before executing that content plan in the form of blogs, eBooks and social media promotion. This, supplemented with HubSpot support, ensured that the company launched in Europe with a strong foundation of content and the automation to go with it.

“We’d used HubSpot for years in North America and needed an agency that could assist us in Europe.”

Lakeland had been using HubSpot for years — so the Huble Digital team focused on getting the European team comfortably working with the tool.

From landing page development to email marketing campaigns, social media, workflow set-up and marketing to sales automation, Huble Digital were very much the driver of ensuring the Lakeland team used HubSpot day in, day out.
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increase in blog traffic for Lakeland


submissions on landing pages promoting downloadable content


increase in new leads generated through HubSpot

Martin Lill
Martin Lill
International Marketing Director

“Thanks to the Huble Digital team, we’ve been able to develop a comprehensive marketing campaign that targets our key audiences in Europe. Our content is driving website traffic and engagement and our gated content assets are converting leads for our sales team to evaluate and distribute across the European team.”

The team that made it happen

As an existing HubSpot user, Lakeland went straight into working with our HubSpot support and inbound-campaign-focused teams. This involved identifying campaign performance, building content strategy, creating new content and understanding best ways to promote it. 

Our team worked closely with Martin Lill, helping to train Martin and his team in Europe to use HubSpot, as well as increase engagement across their social media profiles.
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