Enhancing & customer satisfaction and lead management for MyWay

How Huble helped MyWay achieve seamless lead management and enhanced customer satisfaction

MyWay is D'Ieteren Automotive's trusted brand for used cars, offering vehicles from every manufacturer.

Specialising solely in used vehicles, My Way is the market leader in Belgium for buying and selling cars.

The challenge

MyWay’s main objective was to provide their customers with a seamless end-to-end experience so they could not only buy but also sell their cars quickly and efficiently.

With MyWay launching a nationwide inbound and outbound marketing campaign, they were anticipating a significantly increased volume of leads, meaning that they needed a central area to track the enquiries and progress of prospective customers to ensure they were followed up by their Sales agents in a timely manner.

The solution

CRM Implementation


To meet the client's needs, we provided a full implementation and onboarding of HubSpot Sales Hub with dedicated pipelines designed to manage the distribution, management and nurturing of both inbound and outbound leads.


To streamline and improve their sales process, we meticulously designed a step-by-step process within HubSpot Sales Hub using automated actions to ensure nothing was ever forgotten or left to chance. 


Customised NPS Surveys


MyWay’s business philosophy places a huge degree of importance on customer satisfaction, so it was imperative for them to be able to receive feedback from their customers at the end of each journey.


By using a combination of HubSpot Marketing Hub and Survicate, we worked with MyWay to design a custom NPS survey and reporting suite that measured customer satisfaction across the whole MyWay network.

The results

Upon completion of onboarding, the outcome was a comprehensive, fully automated lead management system that eliminated the need for manual work that was previously very time consuming.

Now it takes a matter of seconds to progress a customer to the next stage of their customer journey with the relevant departments being notified immediately and automated escalation steps in place in the event of a problem.

MyWay has also benefited from our strategic guidance by working with us to map out three different customer journeys and creating team partitions within HubSpot, so users only see the data that is relevant to them or their team.

This has not only improved usability of the system, but it has also made segmentation, communication and reporting much easier.

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