Picking up the signal from the noise

Find out how Huble helped GfK redefine their global marketing efforts using the HubSpot platform.

How do we refresh and empower our global marketing efforts?

In a world of data overflow, volatility and business disruption, picking up the right “signal from the noise” is crucial to winning the market. Since 1934, GfK has leveraged their data and market intelligence to help businesses drive sales, and organisational and marketing effectiveness.   

Over the years, GfK has substantially grown its business, markets, and suite of products. This created a challenge common to successful organisations: they had such a large footprint and so many key offerings that it became difficult to market the right solution to the right prospect. 

Reimagining GfK’s marketing campaigns using HubSpot

GfK partnered with Huble to consult, define, and implement marketing processes within its HubSpot account. This ranged from implementing marketing automation and creating global and regional campaigns to setting up highly-targeted account-based marketing. 

Huble also built a new multi-language website to attract clients and better showcase GfK’s offerings. Along with building a dynamic and user-centric website, Huble helped migrate a vast amount of content into HubSpot CMS. 

“We needed to improve our marketing sophistication to attract and deal with leads from multiple industries.”

GfK wanted to reconceptualise and improve how they promote their products on both a global and local scale — especially as they offered many products to multiple industries. 

To ensure success, GfK needed a partner with extensive HubSpot technical expertise and experience, delivering high-calibre marketing strategies.
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Results driven by marketing

Huble didn’t only deliver a slick new website built in the HubSpot CMS — our teams also worked with GfK to automate all processes in the backend by building out its marketing automation flows. 

Huble then developed a strategic framework for scoring and prioritising leads, with lead data flowing seamlessly between HubSpot, Salesforce and GfK’s CRM. 

When introducing this new technology, the Huble team worked closely with GfK to onboard internal stakeholders.



decrease in time to edit pages


increase in average website dwell time

philippe fuchs
Philippe Fuchs
VP Global Marketing

"The Huble team is made of true experts that not only know “Digital” inside-out, but who can also navigate the complexity of a large corporation with a positive “can do” attitude. Huble has played a very significant role in the implementation of our global digital strategy, including a complex integration between HubSpot and Salesforce. They have increased the value of using HubSpot for our company several folds! "

The team that made it happen

Huble’s Munich-based team of marketing strategists and consultants, designers, developers, writers, and HubSpot integration specialists continue to work hand in hand with the GfK Digital Marketing and Product Marketing teams to continually develop GfK’s global marketing presence.

By bringing so much experience and expertise into the project, Huble was able to support GfK as it unlocked the next growth phase for the business.
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