Optimising Midstream Lighting’s paid media spend for lead generation

Attracting high-quality leads with a limited paid media budget.

Who is Midstream Lighting?

Midstream Lighting is a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced, robust, best-in-class LED lighting solutions for the aviation, sports, maritime, and horticultural industries around the world. Their purpose-built lighting solutions are designed to tackle the technically precise demands of the world’s most critical and major infrastructures.

The challenge

Midstream Lighting came to Huble to increase both the quantity and quality of leads their website was generating.  With a moderate budget to utilise, a lot of optimisation work would be needed to get this running cost effectively.

The solution

Huble has been instrumental in improving Midstream Lighting’s Google Ads campaign performance. Our services included the management and optimisation of all campaigns and their assets. We also refreshed ad copy to keep it relevant and engaging for the target audience. 

Additionally, we provided regular bespoke reporting on performance and budget usage, which helped make informed decisions about advertising spend. To improve targeting efforts we made recommendations on target audience and keywords. We also suggested changes to advertisements and visual assets to enhance their effectiveness. 

Finally, we provided recommendations for changes in strategy, if required, to ensure that the campaigns were achieving their objectives.

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The results

Here’s how our hard work played out:

  • Our goal was to maximise the use of our budget to deliver the highest number of leads possible.
  • Due to the limited budget we had, making sure that campaigns met Google's best practice standards was key to driving costs down.
  • By including everything Google recommended, we were able to increase the ad quality score and ensure our ads were shown more frequently.
  • The changes we made to ads, keywords, audience, and budgets made the campaigns stronger month-on-month which helped improve our conversion metrics, with our cost per conversion for Google Ads improving from an average of £302.32 in May 2021 to January 2022 to an average of £265.37 in May 2022 to January 2023.

The stats


leads over 1 year


improvement in cost per conversion for Google Ads

Sophie Collins
Sophie Collins
Digital Marketing Manager at Midstream

“The Huble team have worked wonders with our paid media strategy. Despite our limited budget, they've been able to increase our leads and the quality of them. Really happy with their work.”

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