Generating a 95% increase in page 1 keywords for Motorola Solutions

Huble Digital helped to grow organic website traffic for Motorola Solutions to 16 different websites across multiple countries in 10 different languages.

Who is Motorola Solutions?

Motorola Solutions is a global manufacturer and provider of communication solutions built to improve the safety of businesses, government bodies, emergency responders and the public.

It produces a range of products that include professional and consumer two-way radios, body-worn cameras, communications integration software, access control systems, and more.

The challenge

Motorola Solutions is known and respected in a very competitive international marketplace. This notoriety means that huge effort is needed to maintain its position. 

With many regional managers having access to regional websites, changes were being made in isolation to constantly improve lead generation. 

Whilst great for individual regions, it required a central management system to advise on SEO best practices and website management to improve global performance. 

The Huble Digital team had a target to successfully grow organic traffic year-on-year by 10%. This target involved the management of 16 websites in 10 different languages. 

Extensive research was needed to make sure each website was structured correctly, followed SEO best practices for local keyword terms and phrases, and for any fixes can be implemented quickly.

The solution

Motorola Solutions' keywords change depending on the location of the search and products available in that region. 

This requires constant review and keyword analysis of over 7000 keywords in different territories and languages.

We identify the top priorities for the international websites every few weeks. 

This involves extensive keyword monitoring to understand which website pages have started to fall down the rankings - be that product-based or region-based. 

We then investigate the reasons why, such as:

  • Broken links
  • Poor on-page SEO optimisation
  • Chain redirects
  • Image optimisation


With the help of the Motorola Solutions team, we make sure key product pages continually improve, or at the least, maintain their search engine ranking performance.

Free SEO Audit

This audit will allow you to get a comprehensive analysis of your website's technical infrastructure to identify issues that may impact its search engine rankings. 

Using BrightEdge - an enterprise grade SEO software tool - Huble Digital was able to successfully grow international organic website traffic by 10% year on year. 

SEO training was provided to regional managers to ensure best-practice SEO consistency. 

Regional managers also received training on how to use BrightEdge alongside Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) so that any edits to regional website pages would result in better SEO performance.

Working with Motorola Solutions' Website Analytics team, Huble Digital SEO experts have successfully improved the performance of the client’s websites in EMEA, North America, South America and Asia Pacific, generating a 95% increase in the number of Google US page 1 keywords since May 2015.

The stats


improvement of the BrightEdge DataCube score since January 2015


increase in organic traffic for main regions every year since 2015


increase in global yearly organic traffic since May 2015

“I have worked with Bob and the team at Huble Digital on many occasions and have always found them to be extremely professional. Their knowledge of all things digital is exceptional. They are, without a doubt, an expert in their field, and have the skills to translate the often confusing digital world into simple terms that anyone can understand..”

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