HubSpot Services for the Professional Services Industry

For professional services firms, an efficient CRM system is pivotal in nurturing client relationships and maximizing engagement through customised service offerings and proactive client management.

At Huble, we guide professional services firms in leveraging HubSpot to refine their marketing approaches, increase sales efficiency, and manage client relationships more effectively, ensuring long-term business success.
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Professional Services Challenges


Long sales cycles

Selling professional services in a B2B market can take a substantial amount of time. Therefore you need to focus on nurturing your relationships at every stage of the sales cycle, to ensure you are managing relationships and keeping prospective deals alive.

Rather than having segmented data, you need a CRM built for your professional services to bring together all of your customer touchpoints into one.

Barriers to entry

Selling expertise in a highly competitive market results in the cost being the number one barrier to entry. It’s therefore important for you to create content that convinces consumers to choose you as their service provider.

This content should cover the awareness, consideration and decision stages of the customer journey.

Project-based work

When you’re dealing with many clients on a short-term, project basis, you have to keep track of a constant stream of quotes, negotiations and renewals. With disparate systems, it’s easy to lose track of documentations and communications with clients.

HubSpot allows you to gain a comprehensive view of each of your clients - including all communications, documentation and negotiations that may have taken place.

B2B customer journey mapping

Our team is highly skilled in working in B2B and managing the long sales cycles that come with this industry.

In order to help you navigate these cycles, we build customer journey maps to help you understand your customer touchpoints and how we can automate communications from your marketing and sales systems.
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Professional services content creation

Our expert team of content strategists can help you create content that will educate your customers, giving them all the information they need so they can feel comfortable reaching out to you.
Campaign Creative

Building a single customer view

By creating a 360-degree customer view we can help you gain and maintain customers by providing personalized experiences that grow customer loyalty.
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Compliant and Secure

As a digital business consultancy centered around the HubSpot CRM platform; information and data are the lifeblood of our organization. Our information security management system and practices are accredited to the International Standards Organization for ISO 27001:2022 - so you can rest assured that your data, and that of your customers, is in safe hands.
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How mid-market and large professional services companies use HubSpot

In this 45-minute webinar, you'll find out more from 400+ past implementations.

Types of HubSpot Support

Seek Evolution

Our tagline of “Seek Evolution” showcases the way we think. We aren’t content at just implementing HubSpot, we want to constantly push the boundaries and help you evolve your business on the platform.
HubSpot Implementation
In professional services, unified customer views are essential for enhancing engagements. Our HubSpot solutions, including tailored training and rollout planning, are streamlined to your firm's processes, ensuring improved client management and service delivery.
Marketing Automation
Automating client service processes in professional services fosters trust and efficiency. We implement automation tools for seamless operations and personalized client interactions, boosting satisfaction and loyalty.
Digital Marketing for Professional Services
Our targeted digital marketing for professional services ensures engaging content reaches the right audience. We specialize in custom journey maps and SEO strategies to enhance your firm's online presence and client acquisition.
Sales Consulting for Professional Services
Our consulting services streamline lengthy sales cycles in professional services, identifying and resolving inefficiencies. We optimize sales processes and technology, boosting productivity and shortening sales timelines.

Customer Stories

Atlas HXM Case Study

Atlas HXM

Learn how Atlas HXM revolutionized their sales process management with innovative HubSpot and DealHub solutions.

Sales & Revenue

HubSpot Implementations

Certification Body Case Study

Certification Body

Learn how Huble developed a plan to unify and standardise sales and marketing initiatives for a global certification body

Marketing Strategy & Tech

3DSE Case Study


Learn how Huble marketed an industry event & created a content-rich, interactive, & award-winning platform for 3DSE’s latest research and development.

Website Design & Development

Ecruit Case Study-min


Find out how we helped recruitment consultancy, ecruit, to grow in its first year with HubSpot onboarding, website development & Inbound Marketing support.

Marketing Strategy & Tech


D178_E178  Wolters Kluwer Case Study-min

Wolters Kluwer

Find out how we empowered the team at Wolters Kluwer, a Financial Publisher & Software Vendor, to build & deliver their own marketing campaigns in HubSpot.

Marketing Strategy & Tech


Ciaran headshot
Ciaran McGowan
Director of Business Process Management, Atlas HXM

“The Huble team were a pleasure to work with. Taryn, Odette, Dan, Anrika, Laura and Michael are great people and have done a very good job for us in standardizing our processes and getting the HubSpot foundations right.”

SYSTEMS we can integrate into


Unleash the potential of your professional services with the seamless integration of PSOHUB and HubSpot. This dynamic duo automates project management and time tracking directly within your CRM. Experience effortless project oversight, from initiation to invoice, ensuring every client interaction is perfectly aligned with project milestones and budgeting.


Transform your billing and time tracking with TimeSolv's integration into HubSpot. Designed for the fast-paced professional services sector, this combination ensures every billable hour is captured and directly linked to client records in HubSpot. Streamline your workflow, from time tracking to invoicing, enhancing client satisfaction and operational efficiency.


Elevate project management within your professional services firm with Asana and HubSpot. Coordinate tasks and projects directly from your CRM, ensuring every team member stays aligned and informed. This integration fosters collaboration and transparency, driving projects to successful completion with unparalleled efficiency.


Merge the project management prowess of Wrike with HubSpot's comprehensive CRM capabilities. This integration provides professional services teams with the tools to plan, execute, and track projects seamlessly within HubSpot. Enhance team productivity and client engagement by keeping every project detail and communication in one accessible place.


Optimize your resource planning with Silverbucket's integration into HubSpot. Tailored for professional services, this combination offers a holistic view of resource allocation and project demands. Ensure optimal utilization of your team's talents, improving project margins and client outcomes.


Streamline resource scheduling and project planning with ResourceGuru and HubSpot. This integration simplifies the process of matching your team's skills and availability with project needs, directly within your CRM. Enhance your service delivery with efficient resource management, ensuring timely and within-budget project completions.


Boost your agency's productivity and profitability with Productive integrated into HubSpot. This synergy brings project management, resource planning, and financial tracking into your CRM environment. Gain real-time insights into project health and profitability, fostering informed decision-making and strategic client management.


Elevate resource management and time tracking in your professional services firm with Teamdeck and HubSpot. Ensure your projects are well-staffed and on track, with comprehensive insights into team availability and project timelines. This integration fosters improved planning and execution, directly impacting client satisfaction and project success.


Transform project management in your professional services business with LiquidPlanner and HubSpot. This integration offers dynamic scheduling and predictive project management capabilities within your CRM, allowing for real-time adjustments and improved project outcomes. Keep your team aligned and projects on course with this powerful tool.


Enhance your project management and collaboration with ActiveCollab's integration into HubSpot. This combination brings tasks, milestones, and communication into a single platform, tailored for the professional services industry. Drive project efficiency and team productivity, ensuring every client interaction adds value.


Visualise your project workflows with Trello's integration into HubSpot. This pairing is perfect for professional services teams looking for a flexible, board-based approach to project management. Coordinate tasks and deadlines directly within your CRM, streamlining processes and enhancing team collaboration.


Combine the power of Smartsheet's project management capabilities with HubSpot's CRM excellence. This integration is ideal for professional services firms seeking advanced project tracking and collaboration tools. Manage your projects with precision, ensuring timely delivery and exceptional client service.


Unify your project documentation and knowledge management with Notion integrated into HubSpot. This powerful combo is perfect for professional services firms that prioritise organization and accessibility of information. Enhance team collaboration and efficiency by centralizing resources and client data in one intuitive platform.

Microsoft Dynamics

Leverage the robust capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics with HubSpot for a comprehensive CRM solution tailored to professional services. This integration ensures seamless data flow between your ERP and CRM systems, enhancing customer relationship management and operational efficiency. Drive growth with streamlined processes and enriched customer insights.


Maximize your CRM capabilities with Salesforce integrated into HubSpot. This powerhouse combination is designed for professional services firms aiming for unparalleled client management and sales tracking. Achieve a unified view of your customer interactions and sales pipeline, fostering informed decision-making and strategic growth.

Oracle Sales Cloud

Enhance your sales and customer relationship management with Oracle Sales Cloud's integration into HubSpot. This synergy brings the best of both worlds to professional services firms, combining advanced CRM functionalities with HubSpot's marketing prowess. Drive sales efficiency and customer engagement to new heights.

Intuit QuickBooks

Simplify your accounting and financial management with Intuit QuickBooks integrated into HubSpot. Tailored for the professional services industry, this combination ensures seamless invoicing, billing, and financial tracking within your CRM. Enhance financial clarity and control, improving project profitability and cash flow management.


Streamline your accounting processes with Xero and HubSpot. This integration is perfect for professional services firms looking to automate financial operations and enhance financial reporting directly within their CRM. Gain real-time insights into your financial health, driving operational efficiency and strategic decision-making.

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