Paid advertising helps put Bond on top

Bond wanted to appear in the top position for specific keywords relating to recruitment 100% of the time, and we helped them to do it. 

How can we use paid media to generate high-quality leads?

The Bond marketing team were keen to understand the potential of a fully-fledged PPC and paid social campaign, as well as the impact it could have on Bond International Software’s online visibility and lead generation activity.

They had experimented with pay-per click (PPC) campaigns in the past, but had never made full use of the features available or allocated a significant amount of budget to the process. 

When Bond International Software first approached Huble Digital, their goal was for their ads to appear in the top position for specific keywords 100% of the time on Google. However, because the recruitment industry is a highly competitive and expensive advertising environment, ensuring maximum campaign visibility and lead generation was difficult.

Delivering an end-to-end PPC and content program

Given the level of competition in the recruitment sector, the Huble Digital PPC team recommended keyword research as the first step, as this would help identify the best terms to target. With this approach, Bond’s PPC budget could be used more efficiently. 

Having done the keyword research, the PPC team then created compelling ad copy and imagery to support the landing pages that the ads would drive people to.

Finally, to ensure the campaign delivered ROI, the PPC team helped Bond to set up end-to-end reporting across HubSpot, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, LinkedIn and the company’s own reporting platform. This would allow Bond to track everything from initial ad click-through to a purchase. 

“We wanted to reach a wider audience and generate more leads.”

While Bond was steadily generating inbound leads, they wanted to increase their activity significantly. Bond had been working with Huble Digital for a number of years, collaborating to produce high-quality, lead-generating content, but now they wanted to go to the next level.
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The tech stack

Google AdWords and Google Analytics were at the heart of Bond’s Paid Media campaign. 

The challenge here was ensuring the sync of data across these tools, HubSpot, and Bond's own reporting tool. It needed to be possible for Bond to track everything from the initial ad click-through to a known contact becoming a customer – and that’s what the team did. This has essentially transformed Bond’s PPC process, and they now have cost-effective, lead-generating PPC campaigns that are based on relevant keywords and audience targeting.



ROI on project spend against pipeline revenue


Revenue generated from new clients in the first few months


New leads generated for the sales team to follow up with

Megan Walker
Megan Walker
Marketing Manager

“Thanks to Huble Digital, PPC and paid social advertising have become cost- effective, lead-generating sources for our business. It’s always reassuring to work with a team that is so closely aligned with our priorities. The Huble Digital team were truly invested in ensuring this campaign was a success and they delivered that success above and beyond our expectations.”

Behind the scenes with the PPC experts

The Huble Digital PPC team used their knowledge and expertise to help Bond create incredible, lead-generating PPC and paid social campaigns that deliver results and are connected to the rest of their marketing activity. 

The team is composed of PPC and SEO experts — all of whom know Google, paid advertising and paid social — inside out.
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