HubSpot Services for the IT & Communication Industry

For IT companies, a CRM system is indispensable in managing client projects and support tickets efficiently, ensuring high satisfaction through timely responses and tailored tech solutions.

At Huble, we empower IT firms to streamline their CRM processes, improve client communication, and enhance project management, helping them to market better, sell more effectively, and maintain superior customer relations.
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IT & Communcation Challenges


Lack of data visibility

It doesn’t matter how much data you have - if it’s not clean and centralised, you aren’t going to be able to conduct analyses that allow you to continuously improve your business, for example, calculating your customer lifetime value.

Providing your teams with a sophisticated CRM will help empower them to glean new insights and use those insights to make better data-driven decisions.

System integration

Multiple, disconnected systems are only complicated further by a large number of customer requests/relationships. Managing data between systems not only wastes employee time and energy but also provides a disjointed customer view.

Centralising your data will not only save time but will also provide an unrivalled customer experience.

Demand generation

With an ever-growing competitor landscape driving the same messaging and sales tactics, your business needs to stand out from the rest. This can be tough when you don’t have the marketing expertise or technology to create and distribute enticing content.

By hiring the right CRM partner to show you the marketing ropes, you can grow your business by reaching more potential customers.

Data Enrichment

From migrating data from multiple sources into one central system like HubSpot, to making the most of the data you are collecting and being able to make proactive decisions to improve campaigns - our team of experts can assist you every step of the way.
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IT industry experts

We've worked with many IT & Communications companies over the years. With a strong background in B2B, we understand the challenges that IT companies face in taking a technical offering and being able to market it effectively to the right audience.
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Scalable solutions

We’ve helped many IT companies move away from separated data and information, across various systems, to slim down their technology usage.

By bringing all their data into one platform and removing the many different disconnected tools, we create one, single view of the customer.
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Marketing strategy and execution

Our experienced team understands how your customers buy, your sales process, and how you can maximise your customer lifetime value. With a fully fledged marketing strategy and execution plan, we can help you properly map and manage your customers' purchasing journey.
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How IT & communications companies use HubSpot

In this 45-minute webinar, you'll find out more from 400+ past implementations.

Customer Stories

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Discover how Dicker Data partnered with Huble to overcome their challenges in web development and achieve success.

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Communication Solutions Provider

Discover how Huble helped a communications provider continue to engage with its target audiences through the use of paid media during the pandemic.

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Types of HubSpot support

Seek Evolution

Our tagline of “Seek Evolution” showcases the way we think. We aren’t content at just implementing HubSpot, we want to constantly push the boundaries and help you evolve your business on the platform.
HubSpot CRM Migration
Our expertise extends to assisting IT and communications companies in consolidating disparate CRM systems into a unified platform. Beyond mere migration, we focus on ensuring your team is well-trained and the new system is fully adopted across your organisation, streamlining operations and enhancing customer engagement.
Customer Journey Mapping
Understanding the intricate journey of your potential customers is crucial in the IT and communications sector. We aid in delineating this journey, ensuring your strategy attracts high-quality leads and retains customers over the long term by delivering exceptional experiences at every interaction.
HubSpot Sales Support
Our services include comprehensive sales support, offering both inbound and outbound strategies tailored to the IT and communications industry. We equip your sales team with the latest techniques and insights for effective prospecting and selling, focusing on modern, informed approaches to meet the unique challenges of today.
Marketing Strategy & Execution
Our team specialises in bringing dynamic marketing strategies to life for the IT and communications industry. From campaign management to content creation, building efficient workflows, and implementing automation, we provide the support you need to execute successful marketing initiatives that resonate with your target audience.

Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson
General Manager - Marketing & Strategy, Dicker Data

"Huble has been an invaluable partner, exceeding our expectations with approximately 35 successful projects. Their expertise in custom development and deep understanding of our needs allowed us to create unique, tailored solutions. Their commitment to excellence and seamless execution have solidified a long-term partnership. We look forward to continuing our successful collaboration with Huble."

IT & Communications Integrations


Empower your IT & Communications business with ninjaOne integrated into HubSpot. This integration streamlines ticketing, monitoring, and client communication, ensuring efficient service delivery and proactive support. Utilise client insights to personalise interactions and optimise service workflows, driving long-term client satisfaction.


Simplify your IT service management and client relationships with Atera integrated into HubSpot. This integration automates ticketing, remote monitoring, and client communication, enabling you to deliver exceptional service experiences. Leverage client data to tailor services and nurture client loyalty, driving business growth.


Elevate your IT business operations and client management with ConnectWise integrated into HubSpot. This integration synchronises customer data, service tickets, and project information, facilitating seamless collaboration and improved client experiences. Utilise actionable insights to optimise service delivery and foster business growth.


Transform your IT & Communications business with SAP integrated into HubSpot. This integration combines powerful ERP capabilities with CRM functionality, providing a unified view of business operations and client interactions. Leverage real-time data insights to drive strategic decision-making and business innovation.


Gain valuable insights into your IT infrastructure and client behaviour with DataDog integrated into HubSpot. This integration enables real-time monitoring of application performance and user interactions, empowering you to optimise service delivery and enhance client satisfaction. Utilise actionable insights to drive continuous improvement and innovation.


Unlock the power of data analytics for your IT & Communications business with Snowflake integrated into HubSpot. This integration enables you to store, analyse, and visualise large volumes of data, providing valuable insights into client behaviour and market trends. Utilise data-driven strategies to drive business growth and competitive advantage.

Microsoft Dynamics

Leverage the advanced CRM capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics within your IT & Communications business, integrated with HubSpot. This integration ensures seamless data flow between CRM and operations systems, enhancing client relationship management and operational efficiency. Make data-driven decisions to optimise client experiences and drive business growth.


Maximise your CRM capabilities with Salesforce integrated into HubSpot. This combination provides unparalleled insights into client interactions, sales pipelines, and marketing effectiveness. Achieve a 360-degree view of clients, driving strategic growth and client satisfaction in the IT & Communications sector.

Oracle Sales Cloud

Enhance client relationship management and sales insights with Oracle Sales Cloud integrated into HubSpot. This integration offers advanced CRM functionalities, improving client engagement and revenue generation. Streamline sales processes and drive revenue growth with comprehensive data integration.

Intuit QuickBooks

Simplify accounting and financial management with Intuit QuickBooks integrated into HubSpot for IT & Communications businesses. Automate financial processes, from invoicing to expense tracking, within your CRM. Gain real-time financial insights to manage cash flow and drive informed business decisions.


Streamline accounting processes with Xero integrated into HubSpot for IT & Communications businesses. Automate financial management and gain real-time access to financial data within your CRM. Enhance operational efficiency and financial transparency to support business growth initiatives.

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