HubSpot Services for the Real Estate Industry

Maximising property sales and client satisfaction in real estate hinges on the tracking of buyer preferences and timely, personalised communication.

At Huble, we help companies in the Real Estate industry use HubSpot CRM to refine their marketing strategies, elevate sales performance, and streamline their CRM systems, ensuring a seamless property buying and selling experience.



Real Estate CRM Challenges


Diverse team needs

Not only do you need a CRM that caters to your agent's sales process, but also one where you can configure that process against your buyer's journey. Your agents need one single source of the truth, so they can keep track of their sales pipelines, navigate between rentals and other services, keep their data private if they need to, as well as develop a database of potential buyers.

By using HubSpot, real estate companies have configurable, easy to use, and capable system to help meet the diverse needs of their audience.

Lack of data integration

There’s a lot going on in real estate, and if you’re constantly navigating between different platforms to write emails, draw up quotes, report on revenue, not only are you creating an inefficient process for your team - but you could also be putting your data at risk.

HubSpot offers a single source of truth, letting you keep every email, quote or client communication in one secure place - giving you peace of mind that all of your data is safe and secure.

Lack of data insights

You need to be able to use your data to better serve your customers - for instance, if someone misses out on a buying opportunity, you should be able to send them similar alternative properties quickly based on their specific preferences.

By storing all of your customer and property information in HubSpot, you can ensure that you send your customers relevant information at key points in their customer journey.

Personalised solutions for your specialism

Specialist teams, brokers and investors across regions and countries all have slightly different focus areas, challenges and selling pipelines. We’ve worked with multiple real estate companies to create tailored HubSpot solutions for these unique business needs.
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HubSpot configuration and management

To scale your real estate business, you’ll need to leap beyond spreadsheets and hastily scribbled to-do lists. Our team will help you configure HubSpot as a a mature CRM system that’s personalised to your needs, so you can onboard your current team, easily add new team members, and guarantee user adoption.
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Tried and tested solutions

We have experience operating HubSpot with commercial property, residential property, property developers as well as senior living communities across the globe. By working together, you’ll enjoy a faster rollout, and be guaranteed a HubSpot system that caters to your specific business needs, no matter the scale or complexity.
A Structured Approach to CRM Migration

How mid-market and large real estate companies use HubSpot

In this 45-minute webinar, you'll find out more from 400+ past implementations

HubSpot Support for Real Estate

Seek Evolution

Our tagline of “Seek Evolution” showcases the way we think. We aren’t content at just implementing HubSpot, we want to constantly push the boundaries and help you evolve your business on the platform.
HubSpot Solution Architecture
We tailor HubSpot architecture to integrate all real estate business aspects, ensuring seamless operations and growth. Our strategy enhances efficiency and client satisfaction, meeting the real estate industry's unique needs.
Customer Journey Mapping
We craft detailed, automated customer journey maps for real estate, ensuring personalized communication at every step, improving engagement, relationships, and conversion opportunities.
HubSpot Integration Development
Our integrations turn your CRM into a centralised operations hub, simplifying management and boosting sales and marketing effectiveness in the competitive real estate market.
HubSpot Implementation
Our tailored CRM implementation for real estate focuses on seamless integration with your operations, enhancing client engagement, listing management, and sales processes.
HubSpot Change Management and User Adoption
Our onboarding and change management services ensure smooth CRM adoption, equipping your real estate team for success from day one with targeted training and support.
Ongoing HubSpot Support and Optimisation
We offer ongoing CRM support and optimisation, adapting to your real estate business's evolving needs to maintain competitiveness and achieve strategic objectives.

Customer Stories

Whitetail Properties Case Study

Whitetail Properties

Learn more about Huble's impact on Whitetail Properties' & Sales and Marketing Operations.

Sales & Revenue

Bouygues Immobillier Case Study

Bouygues Immobilier

Discover how Huble leveraged social media prowess & enhanced user experience to generate leads and soar conversion rates for Bouygues Immobilier.

Marketing Strategy & Tech

Garage Living Case Study-min

Garage Living

Revolutionise your sales efficiency with Garage Living's CRM and CPQ transformation. See how Huble's solutions have transformed Garage Living's operations.

HubSpot Implementations

Marketing Strategy & Tech

Sales & Revenue

Latour Petit Case Study

Latour & Petit

Learn how Huble helped Latour & Petit achieve an astounding 860% growth in monthly leads.

Marketing Strategy & Tech

Avison Young Case Study

Avison Young

Learn how Huble helped Avison Young move its teams from four siloed CRMs, including Salesforce, to one, easy-to-use but very powerful CRM — HubSpot.

HubSpot Implementations

Knight Frank Case Study-min

Knight Frank

Find out how the Huble team helped Knight Frank use HubSpot to give marketing and key business units a unified view of its customer data.

HubSpot Implementations

Global Smart Affordable Housing Case Study-min

Global smart affordable housing

Learn how Huble helped a global leader in smart affordable housing unify their multinational offices under HubSpot.

Marketing Strategy & Tech

Sales & Revenue

Greef Christies Real Estate Case Study-min

Greeff Christies Real Estate

Learn how Huble Digital helped Greeff Christies Real Estate launch onto the HubSpot CMS.

Marketing Strategy & Tech

Phoebe Scott
Phoebe Scott
Global Director of CRM, Avison Young

“Using a CRM platform is about building your technology to amplify your team’s expertise. A CRM should be designed to suit your team and the requirements they need to do their day-to-day work.”

Real Estate Integrations We’ve Built

Snowflake Integration

Enhance your real estate data analytics and decision-making with HubSpot and Snowflake integration. By connecting HubSpot's marketing and sales data with Snowflake's powerful data warehousing capabilities, real estate professionals can gain unprecedented insights into customer behaviour, market trends, and performance analytics, enabling personalised customer engagement and data-driven strategies.

Buildout Integration

Streamline your commercial real estate operations by integrating HubSpot with Buildout. This connection enables seamless synchronisation of property listings, leads, and client information between both platforms. Real estate agencies can enhance their marketing efforts, provide timely updates to clients, and ensure a consistent and efficient sales process.

Avant Integration

Elevate your real estate financing services by integrating HubSpot with Avant. This partnership allows real estate firms to manage their clients' financing needs more effectively, offering personalised loan options and financial solutions directly through HubSpot. Engage clients with tailored communications and nurture them through the financing process with ease. Integration

Connect HubSpot with to maximise your property listings' exposure and manage leads efficiently in the Australian real estate market. This integration helps real estate businesses capture leads from listings directly into HubSpot, enabling personalised follow-up and nurturing strategies to convert prospects into buyers.

Trulia Integration

Integrate HubSpot with Trulia to optimise your real estate lead generation and management. By syncing property inquiries and client data between Trulia and HubSpot, agents can effectively track and engage with potential buyers, personalise their communication strategies, and streamline the home buying journey for their clients.

Zillow Integration

Leverage the power of HubSpot and Zillow integration to enhance your real estate business's online presence and lead management. This connection ensures that leads generated from Zillow's vast property listing platform are automatically captured in HubSpot, allowing for immediate engagement and a streamlined follow-up process.

Redfin Integration

By integrating HubSpot with Redfin, real estate firms can significantly improve their lead management and engagement strategies. Capture leads directly from Redfin into HubSpot, enabling real-time response and personalised communication, thereby increasing the chances of conversion in a competitive market.

KvCORE Integration

Connect HubSpot with KvCORE to revolutionise your real estate marketing and sales automation. This integration allows for seamless data exchange, enabling real estate professionals to nurture leads with personalised content, automate follow-up processes, and track client interactions effectively within HubSpot.

Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Integrate HubSpot with Microsoft Dynamics to create a powerful CRM solution tailored for real estate businesses. This integration enables seamless synchronisation of client data, sales activities, and marketing efforts between the two platforms, providing a 360-degree view of the customer journey and enhancing customer relationship management.

Oracle Sales Cloud Integration

By integrating HubSpot with Oracle Sales Cloud, real estate companies can leverage advanced sales and marketing automation capabilities tailored to the industry's unique needs. This connection enhances lead management, accelerates sales cycles, and provides detailed insights into customer interactions, driving improved sales performance.

Intuit QuickBooks Integration

Simplify your real estate business's financial management by integrating HubSpot with Intuit QuickBooks. This connection enables efficient tracking of transactions, invoices, and client payments directly within HubSpot, ensuring a streamlined financial process and enhanced client service.

Salesforce Integration

Combine the strengths of HubSpot and Salesforce for a comprehensive real estate CRM solution. This integration allows for a seamless flow of lead and customer data between the two platforms, ensuring that sales and marketing efforts are aligned and optimised for maximum impact in the real estate market.

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