HubSpot Services for the SaaS Industry

In the competitive SaaS industry, utilising a CRM system is key to retaining subscribers and boosting growth, by offering tailored user experiences and insightful customer support.

At Huble, we help SaaS companies to enhance their CRM strategies with HubSpot to improve customer retention, accelerate sales cycles, and implement efficient systems for customer feedback and support, fostering sustainable growth and innovation.

SaaS Challenges


High churn rates

Once you’ve put in countless hours of development, marketing and tireless sales effort into winning a customer, you want to do your absolute best to keep them. To do this, you need to ensure you onboard your new customers personally and make it simple for them to contact your customer support team.

Your CRM should have a suite of powerful customer service tools that allow you to deliver each customer with a consistently delightful experience.

Upsells and cross-sells

Identifying opportunities for cross-sells and upsells can be tricky to manage and time-consuming if you’re doing it all manually. You need to ensure you’re offering solutions that truly meet your customer's needs in order to succeed.

You need a CRM where you can store and analyse all of your customer data in order to look for opportunities to cross-sell or upsell related features and upgrades.

Tech stacks that don’t scale

Using cumulative “best of breed” tech stacks has its benefits until you’re trying to scale your business with a disarray of platforms at your core. It’s a one-way ticket to a siloed organisation, regular software malfunctions, and data errors.

Without forward planning and strategic alignment, using disparate tech stacks to drive growth will set your business up for failure.

Manage long buying cycles

Investing in software is usually a long-term decision, meaning your prospects can have long sales cycles.

Our HubSpot solutions for software providers help you manage 12-month+ cycles, ABM, and high-effort sales processes, efficiently and effectively.
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Upsells and cross-sells

We understand that competition is high, so we’re experts on how you can use the data within your HubSpot system to identify your customer's goals and needs and provide them with personalised additional features and upgrades.
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Streamline your business

The business benefits of aligning your departments and processes far outweigh the inconvenience of change. We know how separate tools can cause internal disarray, and result in inefficient processes and a terrible user experience.
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Get SaaS-specific solutions

Your prospects have a unique buyer journey, and we’re experts at crafting solutions that make it easier to transform them from prospect, to lead and customer. We know how tough it can be to set up freemium usage and free trials and then automate processes that transform these users into paid subscribers.
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How mid-market and large SaaS companies use HubSpot

In this 45-minute webinar, you'll find out more from 400+ past implementations.

Types of HubSpot support

Seek Evolution

Our tagline of “Seek Evolution” showcases the way we think. We aren’t content at just implementing HubSpot, we want to constantly push the boundaries and help you evolve your business on the platform.
Customer Experience Consulting
In the SaaS industry, where customer loyalty and satisfaction are paramount, we focus on crafting exceptional customer experiences. From design improvements to advanced CX analytics, we evaluate and optimise your customer journey at every touchpoint, ensuring your SaaS platform delivers memorable experiences that users are eager to share.
HubSpot Users, Teams and Process Alignment
Eliminate operational silos within your SaaS organisation. As HubSpot Elite Solutions Partners, we specialise in harmonising your marketing, sales, and service teams under one system. Our focused training ensures seamless collaboration across departments, enhancing efficiency and ensuring a unified approach to customer engagement.
UX & Creative Services
Standing out in the crowded SaaS market requires distinct messaging and creative excellence. We refine your brand voice and deliver compelling, SEO-optimised content and designs that differentiate your software. From strategic planning to execution, we ensure your content resonates with your audience, driving interest and conversions.
Sales & Marketing Strategy
Our sales and marketing team supports your SaaS business at every step, leveraging collected data for insightful decision-making. We continuously refine your strategies, aligning sales and marketing efforts with your business objectives for sustained growth and improved customer acquisition.

Customer Stories

GfK_ Human v AI Case Study-min


Learn how GfK established itself as an AI thought leader through an innovative & fun AI-powered campaign featuring a debate between ChatGPT & GfK’s CMO.

Marketing Strategy & Tech


Retail Software Solution Case Study

Retail Software Solution

Learn how Huble reworked and optimised Google Ad campaigns and paid media strategy to generate more high quality leads — at lower cost for a retail software provider.

SEO & Paid Media

ISOS Case Study-min


Find out how the Huble team helped Isos Technology refresh their visual branding and design a new website that highlights their services and increases conversions.

Website Design & Development

OAG Case Study


Find out how the Huble team helped OAG rebuild and optimise their homepage and drive revenue through their website.

Marketing Strategy & Tech

GGMS Case Study-min


Discover how Huble Digital worked with GGMS Coaching, a US-based marketing and database conversion company, to rebuild its sales, payment, and client onboarding processes from scratch.

Sales & Revenue

Apaleo Case Study


Apaleo needed an experienced consultancy to help refresh their Corporate Identity (CI), relaunch their website and integrate the HubSpot marketing tool.

Website Design & Development

GfK Case Study-min


Find out how Huble helped GfK redefine their global marketing efforts using the HubSpot platform.

Marketing Strategy & Tech

Inteprefy Case Study


Find out how Huble Digital kickstarted Interprefy’s marketing success by moving them to HubSpot CRM & building an SEO, lead-generating website from scratch.tio

SEO & Paid Media

Marketing Strategy & Tech

The Nav People Case Study

The Nav People

Learn how we supported The NAV | 365 People's marketing team while their manager was away — and improve their marketing results

SEO & Paid Media

Bond International Software Case Study

Bond International Software

Learn how Huble Digital supported Bond International Software's paid advertising campaigns, improving cost per conversion and delivering a strong ROI.

SEO & Paid Media

Broadbean Case Study


Learn how Huble Digital provided Broadbean Recruitment Software with two days of bespoke HubSpot Consultancy and Salesforce integration support.

Marketing Strategy & Tech

Caseware Case Study


Find out how Huble Digital helped Accountancy Software provider CaseWare to launch a B2B content creation programme to drive new leads through its website.

Marketing Strategy & Tech

Sailthru Case Study


The Huble Digital PR team helped to successfully launch Sailthru into the UK

Marketing Strategy & Tech

Travelport Case Study Thumbnail


Understand how we helped Travelport deploy large-scale paid media campaigns across various social channels

SEO & Paid Media

Ben Murphy
Global Head, Solution & Audience Marketing, GfK

"This campaign has truly positioned GfK as an AI thought leader, exceeding our expectations in generating brand awareness. With 6.87 million impressions, our strategic use of paid and programmatic ads showcases our commitment to innovation. We're thrilled to solidify our 'Growth from Knowledge' promise, leveraging advanced AI capabilities to drive industry conversations and business growth. Huble was the perfect partner for this campaign, adding their strategic, creative, and execution expertise."

SaaS Integrations


Revolutionise your SaaS billing and subscription management with Stripe's integration into HubSpot. This seamless connection enables you to automate billing processes, manage subscriptions directly within your CRM, and provide an exceptional payment experience for your customers. Enhance your revenue operations with streamlined financial transactions and real-time payment data.


Empower your SaaS business with Chargify's subscription management features integrated into HubSpot. This combination simplifies subscription billing and revenue management, ensuring a smooth and reliable billing cycle for your customers. Gain insights into your financial health and customer subscription trends, directly within your CRM.


Optimise your subscription management and billing processes with Recurly integrated into HubSpot. This integration provides SaaS businesses with advanced billing solutions, reducing churn and enhancing customer retention. Automate your subscription lifecycle management and access detailed analytics on your revenue performance.


Enhance your SaaS product development and user engagement with Firebase's integration into HubSpot. Leverage real-time data syncing, user authentication, and analytics to deliver personalised user experiences. This integration allows you to track user behaviour and engagement within your CRM, driving product improvement and customer satisfaction.


Unlock powerful customer data integration for your SaaS with Segment and HubSpot. This connection consolidates user data from various sources into HubSpot, enabling targeted marketing campaigns and personalised customer interactions. Improve your customer understanding and engagement strategies with enriched data insights.


Elevate your SaaS customer support with Zendesk integrated into HubSpot. This combination ensures a seamless support experience, with customer interactions and tickets accessible directly within your CRM. Enhance your customer service with streamlined processes and a unified view of customer queries.


Streamline your customer support workflow with Freshdesk's integration into HubSpot. This synergy brings together your support tickets and customer data, enabling efficient issue resolution and enhanced customer satisfaction. Keep your support team informed and responsive by centralising customer interactions in your CRM.


Boost your SaaS event management capabilities with Eventbrite integrated into HubSpot. This connection allows you to manage event registrations, communications, and attendee data directly within your CRM. Enhance your event marketing and attendee engagement with seamless data flow between platforms.


Transform your SaaS financial and resource planning with NetSuite integrated into HubSpot. This powerful combination offers a comprehensive view of your business operations, financials, and customer interactions. Drive efficiency and growth with synchronised data across your ERP and CRM systems.


Enhance your SaaS email marketing and communication strategies with Everlytic integrated into HubSpot. This connection enables you to personalise and automate your communications, leveraging customer data within your CRM. Improve your engagement rates and build stronger customer relationships with targeted messaging.


Supercharge your SaaS marketing automation with SharpSpring integrated into HubSpot. This integration enhances your marketing efforts with advanced automation, lead scoring, and analytics, all within your CRM. Drive more leads and conversions with a unified approach to marketing and sales.

Microsoft Dynamics

Leverage the advanced ERP capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics within your SaaS business, integrated with HubSpot. This synergy ensures seamless data flow between your CRM and ERP systems, enhancing customer relationship management and operational efficiency. Make data-driven decisions to fuel your SaaS growth.


Maximise your CRM capabilities with Salesforce integrated into HubSpot. This combination provides SaaS businesses with unparalleled insights into customer interactions, sales pipelines, and marketing effectiveness. Achieve a 360-degree view of your customers, driving strategic growth and customer satisfaction.

Oracle Sales Cloud

Enhance your SaaS sales and customer insights with Oracle Sales Cloud integrated into HubSpot. This powerful integration offers advanced CRM functionalities, improving sales strategies and customer engagement. Streamline your sales processes and drive revenue growth with comprehensive data integration.

Intuit QuickBooks

Simplify your SaaS accounting and financial management with Intuit QuickBooks integrated into HubSpot. Automate your financial processes, from invoicing to expense tracking, all within your CRM. Gain real-time financial insights to manage your cash flow and drive business decisions.


Simplify your SaaS accounting processes with Xero integrated into HubSpot. This seamless integration automates invoicing, expense tracking, and financial reporting, providing you with real-time insights into your business finances. Streamline your financial management and improve decision-making with synchronised data between your CRM and accounting systems.

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