Optimising a Multi-Brand Strategy

How do you optimise your brand strategies when they overlap and compete with themselves? The Huble team had a unique way of solving this problem.

How do we deal with competing brands?

Atlas Copco is a global industrial company based in Stockholm, Sweden, and one of the market leaders for compressors, vacuum solutions, generators, pumps, power tools and assembly systems.

The company operates in more than 180 countries, has more than 39,000 employees, and owns over 40 independent brands which operate in various industrial markets.

But with so many brands, Atlas Copco needed a way to ensure it didn’t compete with itself online - creating a brand-neutral website to share and educate would-be prospects.

That’s why Atlas Copco came to Huble Digital, looking for advice and best practice guidance on how to advertise and market their products, as well as educate its prospects.

Solidifying the brand with a GDD approach

Huble came up with a Growth-Driven Design-led strategy for the website project, creating a brand-neutral website for Atlas Copco aimed at vacuum technology specialists — Vacuum Science World.

Not only would the website provide bias-free information for online visitors, it would also act as an online journal and industry forum for people to read and download specialised content relevant to their market.

Content ranged from pillar pages on different types of vacuum technologies and levels of vacuum applications to regular blogs, industry events and even book reviews.

"We wanted to build an online content repository to educate our audience."

Atlas Copco needed an online content repository that it could use to educate its target audience at the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey.

Because the company owned so many brands in the same space, it limited the amount of Inbound and paid marketing activity the company could do. Atlas Copco needed a way to divide sales leads and queries across its range of brands.

To drive interested parties to the brands most relevant to them, Huble developed brand-specific journeys on the brand-neutral website (Vacuum Science World), enabling visitors to get to where they wanted to go.
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Creating an entire industry knowledge hub.

Huble created an entire Growth-Driven Design (GDD) website project to launch the Vacuum Science World brand and web forum/content repository.

While working on the initial launchpad website, Huble helped create Inbound content — a pillar page and supporting blog content — to drive visitors to relevant and information on the site.

Today, following the GDD process, the website now consists of several search engine-optimised pillar pages, a knowledge hub, an expert-led video series and a calculation tool as well as regular blogs and eBooks to help educate visitors and drive Inbound leads to relevant Atlas Copco brands.



New HubSpot leads generated each month


Increase in monthly traffic driven by organic search


Minimum landing page submission rate

Our team of experts that made it all happen

At Huble Digital, our team of specialists have the knowledge and expertise to build incredibly-detailed websites that drive organic traffic - over 70% of traffic to the Vacuum Science World website came from organic search - convert leads and create sales.

Led by our specialist GDD team, Huble Digital helped Atlas Copco to build a portal that creates industry discussion while directing leads to the relevant brand. We worked closely with the internal marketing team to consult them on solutions to their competing brands and had regular communication to ensure we were aligned with their goals.

To turn the Vacuum Science World website into a knowledge base for their clients and prospects, we brought in our team of content experts to help strategise and develop pillar pages for Atlas Copco. Our team drafted new web content, edited blogs and eBooks written by Atlas Copco's technical experts and ensured they were writing on topics they could rank for, including different types of vacuum technologies and levels of vacuum applications.
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