Optimising Latour & Petit's lead generation strategy for growth

How Huble helped Latour & Petit achieve an astounding 860% growth in monthly leads

Who is Latour & Petit?

Latour & Petit is a well-established Belgian real estate agency with six agencies, including three in Brussels.

They provide a range of services such as property sales, property rentals, rental management, and investment services.

The challenge

The main challenge faced by Latour & Petit was to develop campaigns that would generate leads for all their different target audiences effectively. 

The agency catered to more than four types of clients, who shared similar interests and communication preferences. Crafting messages that resonated with all these diverse client groups was a significant hurdle.

Additionally, the agency needed to ensure a constant flow of leads for each target audience, despite the strong seasonality in the real estate market. 

Allocating the budget efficiently to achieve consistent results throughout the year was also a pressing issue.

The solution

To address the challenge of generating leads for the various target audiences, a comprehensive strategy was devised.

This involved setting up specialised campaigns on Google Adwords, each dedicated to a specific client profile. The campaigns were designed to deliver leads that align with realistic KPIs defined for each target group.

To achieve a steady lead flow for all target audiences, an experimentation system was implemented. This involved identifying and testing various levers to determine the most cost-effective and efficient ones.

The insights gained during this phase allowed for a more intelligent allocation of the advertising budget. This approach ensured that the agency's lead generation efforts remained effective and steady regardless of market seasonality and competition.

The results



The stats


growth in monthly leads


increase in contact forms filled out per month

The efforts and optimisations made by Huble's marketing strategy produced impressive results:

The lead generation campaigns generated a remarkable 860% increase in the number of leads acquired on a monthly basis.

The contact forms on their website had a 142% increase in usage. This indicated a heightened level of interest and engagement from potential clients.

Overall, our targeted and tailored marketing approach, along with continuous optimisation, led to exceptional outcomes, driving substantial growth in leads and client engagement.

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