HubSpot Services for the Manufacturing Industry

In the manufacturing sector, a system like HubSpot helps to bridge the gap between production lines and market demands, facilitating better customer engagement and streamlined order management.

At Huble, we support manufacturers in integrating HubSpot CRM to improve sales processes, enhance customer service, and provide insights into market trends, driving efficiency and growth in a competitive landscape.

Manufacturing & Engineering INDUSTRY - COLLAGES

Manufacturing & Engineering Challenges


Forecasting production quantities

Working with outdated systems across many different channels can create forecasting challenges, resulting in an undersupply or oversupply of inventory. Using a system where you can forecast sales effectively takes the guesswork out of predicting necessary production quantities.

Implementing HubSpot can help easily analyse data and generate reports that will assist you in forecasting as accurately as possible.

Demand generation

Specifically, within the manufacturing and engineering industry, your marketing and sales need to be highly targeted towards buyers who are looking for your unique products or services in order for them to have an impact. 

By employing HubSpot, you have a tool that integrates with your marketing tools, you can create custom, automated campaigns that deliver valuable, personalised content to the right people at the right time.

Single customer view

Manufacturing organisations tend to have large scale clients and long sales cycles - which results in a lot of data! With data sitting across systems, teams face the challenge of connecting it all together to gain a single customer view.

Having a centralised data hub in HubSpot allows for more contextualised information to be shared with teams, creating internal alignment and a personalised customer experience.

Improved Demand Forecasting

HubSpot designed for your manufacturing business can improve how you foresee future demand and upcoming opportunities within your pipeline.

We build sales forecasting tools to help aid you with this.
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Marketing & Sales Strategy

With long sales cycles, creating an effective marketing and sales strategy is pivotal to your business success. We know how to craft and execute strategies that are designed for long buyer journeys involving multiple decision-makers.
Podcast Strategy & Curation

Product Quality Improvements

By implementing a single platform, you can incorporate your marketing endeavours, sales success, and your customer service feedback into one system.

This allows you to get direct feedback from your customer service team about your products that can then be used to improve the overall product you are marketing and selling.
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Consolidated Data

Fragmented data can result in ongoing issues and delays, and with long sales cycles being an integral part of your business, you need all your data housed in one place.

We help companies consolidate and integrate their data into a single HubSpot platform.
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How manufacturing & engineering companies use HubSpot

In this 45-minute webinar, you'll find out more from 400+ past implementations

Manufacturing HubSpot Support

Seek Evolution

Our tagline of “Seek Evolution” showcases the way we think. We aren’t content at just implementing HubSpot, we want to constantly push the boundaries and help you evolve your business on the platform.

HubSpot Solution Architecture
We dive deep into the intricacies of your manufacturing processes, data inputs, and the tools and software pivotal to your operation. Our goal is to ensure seamless integration across all systems, creating a unified source of truth that empowers your sales and marketing teams to enhance their efficiency and collaboration, crucial for streamlining manufacturing workflows and meeting market demands.
Customer Journey Mapping
Understanding the complexity of the customer journey in the manufacturing industry is essential, with prospects navigating through various stages of the sales cycle. We recognise the importance of engaging with your customers at every pivotal point, crafting tailored customer journey maps with built-in automation to ensure each interaction adds value and drives toward the optimal customer experience, vital for building long-lasting relationships in the manufacturing sector.
HubSpot Integration Development
Maximising the potential of your CRM in the manufacturing context means integrating it seamlessly with other core systems — from ERP to financial and supply chain management tools. Our expertise in developing these integrations transforms your CRM into a comprehensive information hub, essential for achieving operational efficiency and a 360-degree view of your business operations.
HubSpot Implementation
Specialising in CRM solutions for the manufacturing industry, we offer a comprehensive suite of services, from training your team to planning the CRM rollout. Our approach begins with a thorough analysis of your manufacturing company's unique processes and workflows. This meticulous evaluation ensures that the CRM implementation we undertake is not just smooth but perfectly aligned with your operational needs and objectives, paving the way for enhanced productivity and streamlined business processes.

Customer Stories

Garage Living Case Study-min

Garage Living

Revolutionise your sales efficiency with Garage Living's CRM and CPQ transformation. See how Huble's solutions have transformed Garage Living's operations.

HubSpot Implementations

Marketing Strategy & Tech

Sales & Revenue

GC Pay Case Study-min


Learn how Huble helped GCPay drive growth through innovative digital marketing strategies including ABM, SEO-driven content creation & conversion optimisation.

Marketing Strategy & Tech

SEO & Paid Media

Midstream Lighting Case Study

Midstream Lighting

Discover how Huble optimised Midstream Lighting's existing paid media strategy to generate high-quality and quantity leads cost-effectively.

SEO & Paid Media

Website Design & Development

Osram Case Study


Learn how Huble created an immersive and dynamic magazine to showcase OSRAM’s lighting products and expertise.


Navigance Case Study


Learn how Huble supercharged Navigance’s marketing success by moving them to the HubSpot CRM - and by building lead-generating inbound strategies.

HubSpot Implementations

Communication Solutions Provider Case Study-1

Communication Solutions Provider

Discover how Huble helped a communications provider continue to engage with its target audiences through the use of paid media during the pandemic.

SEO & Paid Media

Atlas Copco Thumbnail

Atlas Copco

Using growth-driven design, we helped Atlas Copco create a brand-neutral website to educate prospects and drive traffic & leads for its different brands.

SEO & Paid Media


Digital Post Solutions Case Study-min

Digital Post Solutions

Learn how Huble Digital helped Digital Post Solutions launch a full-service inbound marketing strategy with HubSpot implementation.

SEO & Paid Media

Marketing Strategy & Tech


DTS Solutions Case Study-min

DTS Solutions

Find out how we helped two-way radio equipment and infrastructure supplier, DTS Solutions increase its organic traffic using SEO and content creation.

SEO & Paid Media

Marketing Strategy & Tech


Lakeland Industries Case Study

Lakeland Industries

With support from Huble Digital, Lakeland Industries now markets its products more effectively across Europe via HubSpot optimisation & content creation.

Marketing Strategy & Tech


Motorola Solutions Case Study

Motorola Solutions

Find out how we helped Motorola Solutions grow organic website traffic to their global websites

SEO & Paid Media

Resound Case Study


Learn how Huble Digital helped Resound launch a brand new pillar page, topic cluster and blogging program.

Marketing Strategy & Tech


Automic Case Study


Learn how Huble Digital helped Automic managed their $1.6 million Paid Media spend.

SEO & Paid Media

Mike Milligan
Mike Milligan
Chief Growth Officer, GCPay

“Shane and the team at Huble have been an asset to our marketing team, providing valuable marketing insights and services such as content, consulting, paid media, and SEO. They are professional and are always looking to try new ideas to meet our growth targets and have been a pleasure to work with.”

SYSTEMS we can integrate into


Pimcore integration with HubSpot revolutionises marketing in the manufacturing industry by providing a seamless connection between digital asset management and customer relationship management. This integration ensures that manufacturing professionals can efficiently manage and distribute product-related content while maintaining engaging customer interactions, leading to enhanced buyer experiences and streamlined sales processes.


The integration of Salsify with HubSpot brings product information management capabilities to the manufacturing sector, enabling companies to efficiently manage and syndicate detailed product information across multiple channels. This combination ensures accurate, up-to-date information reaches potential customers, improving lead generation and conversion rates through consistent and compelling product presentations.


Plytix enhances marketing efforts in the manufacturing industry by integrating its product information management tools with HubSpot, allowing for centralised management of product portfolios. This enables manufacturing businesses to deliver tailored product information to potential clients, fostering personalised customer journeys and boosting engagement through targeted marketing campaigns.

Sales Layer

Integrating Sales Layer with HubSpot empowers manufacturing firms with powerful product information management, streamlining the distribution of product information across various platforms. This integration ensures potential customers receive consistent and detailed product information, enhancing lead nurturing processes and driving sales with up-to-date and compelling product listings.


Akeneo's integration with HubSpot transforms marketing in the manufacturing industry by simplifying product information management for product listings. This synergy allows for efficient organisation and dissemination of product details, ensuring that manufacturing businesses can attract and engage prospects with accurate and appealing product information across all marketing channels.

Configure One

Configure One's integration with HubSpot brings custom configuration solutions to the manufacturing industry, enabling businesses to offer personalised product options to clients. This enhances customer interaction and satisfaction by providing bespoke manufacturing solutions, streamlining the sales process through automated quotes and proposals directly within HubSpot.


By integrating Xait with HubSpot, manufacturing companies can leverage enhanced document automation and collaboration capabilities. This connection streamlines the preparation of complex documents, such as sales agreements and product proposals, ensuring accuracy and efficiency while maintaining personalised communication with potential customers through HubSpot's CRM platform.


UpKeep's integration with HubSpot offers manufacturing businesses advanced maintenance management capabilities, ensuring equipment and facilities are always in prime condition. This seamless connection enhances operational efficiency, allowing for proactive maintenance scheduling and tracking, resulting in higher satisfaction levels among clients and stakeholders.


Integrating Unleashed with HubSpot provides manufacturing companies with powerful inventory management solutions, crucial for managing product-related materials and components. This ensures manufacturing projects are completed efficiently and cost-effectively, enhancing project management capabilities and improving client communication through HubSpot's CRM.


Shipfusion's integration with HubSpot enables manufacturing companies to streamline the fulfilment of physical marketing materials and merchandise. This connection ensures timely and efficient distribution of promotional items, enhancing brand visibility and engagement with potential customers through personalised marketing campaigns within HubSpot.


Odoo's integration with HubSpot offers a comprehensive suite of business applications to the manufacturing industry, from CRM to e-commerce and beyond. This integration streamlines operational processes, enhancing customer relationship management and enabling manufacturing businesses to manage sales, projects, and services efficiently in one centralised platform.

Sage Intacct

Odoo's integration with HubSpot offers a comprehensive suite of business applications to the manufacturing industry, from CRM to e-commerce and beyond. This integration streamlines operational processes, enhancing customer relationship management and enabling manufacturing businesses to manage sales, projects, and services efficiently in one centralised platform.

SAP S4 Hana

The integration of SAP S4 Hana with HubSpot brings the power of enterprise resource planning to the manufacturing sector, enabling businesses to manage their operations efficiently while maintaining strong customer relationships. This synergy enhances data-driven decision-making, streamlining processes from sales to project management, and providing comprehensive insights into customer interactions.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics integration with HubSpot offers manufacturing companies a robust combination of CRM and ERP capabilities, ensuring seamless operations and enhanced customer engagement. This integration facilitates efficient management of customer interactions, product listings, and sales processes, delivering personalised experiences to buyers and sellers.


Salesforce integration with HubSpot for manufacturing professionals creates a powerful ecosystem for managing customer relationships and sales pipelines. This combination enhances lead generation and nurturing, allowing for a seamless flow of information between marketing and sales teams, and providing a unified view of customer interactions across all stages of the product buying journey.

Oracle Sales Cloud

Oracle Sales Cloud and HubSpot integration boosts manufacturing sales efficiency by seamlessly combining customer data and sales analytics. This results in improved lead conversion and personalised interactions, all within a unified platform.

Intuit QuickBooks

QuickBooks' integration with HubSpot simplifies accounting for manufacturing businesses, aligning financials with customer management for streamlined operations and enhanced customer service.

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